If you’re up to date with the latest tech news you’ll know that Google is now requiring every device that runs Android, to have “Powered By Android” somewhere in the boot animation. For some, it’ll come in the form of an update or for others, like those who own a Moto X will get it in the form of an app update.

Those who own a Moto X may have noticed that in amongst your app updates one titled “Boot Services” was also getting an update. That’s right, going with the new trend of having camera apps and other unique featuring receiving updates via the Play Store, Motorola has also made it so things like the boot animation can be updated too.

This new update has replaced the old boot screen which included the spinning globe and the words “Motorola, a Google Company” and has replaced it with a mythical themed one with the new “Powered by Android” branding. This new boot animation features the Loch Ness Monster, a UFO, and a Sasquatch made out of clay which is really cool.

With Motorola slowly making its way to Lenovo soon it’s sad to see the “.. a Google Company” part missing. But that’s just how it is! If you’re yet to see the new boot animation, check the video above!

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