Here at n3rdabl3 we are always looking for new ways to bring you some great content. Building on the success of the website we have bought you intriguing and hilarious series on our YouTube channel and have provided you with witty and engaging camaraderie through our exclusive podcast, the n3rdcast.

As part of our commitment to continue growing and evolving to bring you, our lovely readers, the best possible content on all of the finest things in a nerds life we are proud today to reveal our new platform, an e-mag, which will feature exclusive interviews, opinion pieces and features that you won’t see anywhere else.

This month is a Rezzed special, three of our team were lucky enough to make the pilgrimage to the largest indie gaming convention in the UK, and pestered some developers of some of the best indie games that are about to hit the market, to ask them what the term “indie” means to them.

In this month’s eMagazine you’ll also find me fanboy over Dan Harmon and his influence on NBC’s Community, it verges on embarrassing at times, but the shows’ improvement with Harmon at the helm needed to be noted by someone.

Our monthly comic book feature is covered by John, who bids a bold farewell to two of his favourite comic characters Ichigo and Naruto, who are preparing to enter their final storylines.

There is also a return of Hayley’s monthly app must haves, in which she gets all nostalgic and reminisces over apps that were once deleted from her phone, but have since made a resurgence into her daily mobile life.

Brian once again visits the commitment and passion of gamers about their favoured pastime, this month he talks about the holy grail of a new game release, the midnight release. The question is, with digital game downloads catching up physical sales will this stalwart of gaming become a thing of the past?

In his Google Corner Aaron gets just a tad excited about Android Wear, it’s fair to say that Google Now being ported to smartwatches has got his fanboy showing more this month than in any of the previous editions of our eMagazine.

There is also a review of inFAMOUS: Second Son by resident Yorkshireman James Knack, and a delightful open letter to the raging teenager on Xbox Live, which was excellently crafted by Robin.

Of course there’s your month in review, web round-up, March’s hot or not, and much more – the only question now is, what are you waiting for? Download the eMagazine for FREE via the button below!

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