April Fools day, to some it’s the day where nothing is quite what it seems and everyone is trying to pull one over on you. To me, and Coffee Stain Studios it’s the day that Goat Simulator gets released into the world. The game that was never supposed to see the light of day is currently available to download on Steam!

I manage to grab myself a copy and before anything else I wanted to put together a “Let’s Play” of my first experiences on Goat Simulator. You can watch part one above with part two coming in the next couple of days! Expect the mention of ‘floppy goat’ more than once, and see what happens when I take a flying leap into a car.

Be sure to head to our YouTube channel and click the subscribe and “like” buttons! Leave a comment too! You know you want to! Want Goat Simulator for yourself? Here’s the Steam page!

We’ll also be reviewing Goat Simulator in a few days too so keep on the look out for that!


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