Naughty Dog’s Dark Horse: Upcoming Art Book by Comics Publisher Celebrates 30 Years of Development

Clear a space on your shelf of strategy guides, kids. Art books are becoming increasingly popular as the gaming industry grows, strengthening links and blurring lines between the creative and technical elements involved in games development. More and more of us are becoming enthralled by the process in which our favourite titles come to be, giving an cheeky peek into the inner workings of a company and those at the top of their discipline.

Alongside their parent titles, art books are something curious, something extraordinary, something inspiring that makes you realise just how hard a group of nerdy folk had to work to make something that you can’t tear yourself away from. They are more than a mere collection of pictures.

To celebrate 30 years of games development, Naughty Dog have teamed up with Dark Horse Comics to release a collection of artworks, aptly dubbed The Art of Naughty Dog. Their Community Strategist Eric Monacelli explains that the works will “span the history of Naughty Dog and feature hand-picked, never-before-released artwork depicting our past, present, and future”, inclusive of a fan art chapter. Crayola felt-tips at the ready.

The announcement follows last year’s publication of The Art of The Last of Us, which has been heralded by many as incredibly in-depth, certainly worthy of adorning the shelves of would-be ‘Art of…’ collectors or general fans. Accompanying Naughty Dog‘s critically acclaimed The Last of Usthe art book adventures into the methodologies behind character, story, environment and NPC development. It even goes as far as to discuss how smacking into a wall of creative ‘nope’ (even if you’re a front-runner in a multi-billion-dollar industry) is totally fine; captions within the book explain how the team struggled to conceive a believable figure for the game’s Infected classes without making them look overtly alien as opposed to organic, which was the aim.

If you don’t own a copy but have played the game, as Arnold Schwarzenegger once said, “COME ON! DO IT! DO IT NOW!”.

There’s no definitive date set for the release of The Art of Naughty Dog, but rest assured we’ll keep you updated. Who knows, perhaps we’ll even be uncharacteristically nice and treat you to a review.

Keep an eye open for other celebratory events happening as the team travel from one convention to the next over the remainder of the year, as well as merchandise and other goodies.

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