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Following their acquisition by Google it looks like Nest have finally got the technology it needs to launch their Learning Thermostat here in the UK that’ll work with our “complicated heating systems”. Available in the UK for £179, we’ll now be able to have the intelligent heating system we’ve always wanted.

Nest have been trying, and failing, to launch their Learning Thermostat here in the UK for some time thanks to our dodgy and complicated heating system. They’ve now solved the issues they were experiencing by adding a new box into the mix. Dubbed as ‘Heat Link’ this new box will be installed next to your boiler and talks to the more fancier circular Nest sensor. Nest are also encouraging users to have the system professionally installed because of the additional Heat Link box.

The Nest Sensor is really where it’s at though, this is where you can control your heating or see the current temperature of the room, or even easier you can use your smartphone to do that too. But the main feature we’re all excited about is the ‘learning’ part. The Nest Learning Thermostat aims to learn your habits and adjust the heating when you’re away and get your home warmed up when you’re around.

“With the UK Office of Gas and Electricity Markets saying that UK residents spend on average about £1,342 per year on energy, and heating responsible for over 60 percent of the bill, it’s the perfect time to bring the Nest Learning Thermostat to the UK” said Lionel Paillet, general manager for Europe, Nest. “Nest Learning Thermostat customers in the US experience savings of approximately 20 percent on average off their heating and cooling bill and we’re looking forward to helping customers in the UK save as well.”


Compared to the US offering, the UK version of the Nest Learning Thermostat offers practically the same features such as the incredibly awesome auto-schedule system that learns your routine and creates a heating schedule based on that, and the ability to control your heating from your smartphone or tablet.

The UK will also get a brand new feature called True Radiant which hopes to reduce temperature swings and get the heating started early so the house is the temperature you want it, before you even know you want it. Okay, that’s a little exaggerated.

If you want your house to become smarter than a three year old, the company have revealed that if you have or plan to purchase the new Nest Protect smoke detector, it will work with the Learning Thermostat to help detect whether you’ve left the house and automatically switch off your boiler if it detects a carbon monoxide leak.

If you’re looking to grab your self a Nest Learning Thermostat it’ll cost you £179 alone, or £249 with a professional installation. The device will also available at more than 400 retail stores and online through Apple, Amazon, B&Q, John Lewis, and As an added incentive Nest are offering a deal where if you purchase the Nest Learning Thermostat by April 8, they’ll throw in installation free of charge.

Along with the UK announcement, Nest has revealed that they’ll be teaming up with npower, which will offer the device to customers as part of their heating plans in a similar way to British Gas’ Hive and Honeywell’s Evohome offerings.

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