Bound By Flame the upcoming RPG from Spider Studios has received a collection of new screen shots showing off the hero customisation options.

Playing as “a mercenary of the Freeborn Blades, who is possessed by a flame demon at the start of the adventure. When you start a new game, you are free to choose your character’s look: gender (which will affect some of the dialog, particularly with companions and potential romances), facial features, ethnicity and hairstyles.”

“you will find and create new items of armor during your quest using the ingenious in-game crafting system. Not only will this have an impact on your combat tactics using the bonuses you have been granted but it will also alter your appearance, because each armor item can be customized with various extras, i.e. shoulder pads, knee pads and a range of other protective features, each having a particular style. The combinations are infinite, so each character will be unique!”

“Last but not least, you will be faced with many choices and dilemmas during your adventure. Depending on your decisions, you can perform heroic actions to reject the demon’s influence or be consumed by the power of the flame by allowing yourself to be controlled by the demon’s will. This demonic influence will be shown in the different stages of your transformation, and you will become increasingly demonic and less human!”

Bound By Flame from Spider Studios is set for release on the 9th of May. The game will be coming to the PC, PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360. Are you going to be giving Bound By Flame a go? Will you be suppressing your inner demon or releasing its power? Check back soon for more Bound By Flame news.



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