The epic zombie survival game that is DayZ is getting yet more changes to make the game the best experience ever! Sadly though it kills me to even write this interesting bit of news as my laptop cries with the distinct lack of DayZ. God how I yearn for DayZ.

Anyway, back to the important things. Firstly fireplaces are going to be implemented as quickly as next week, making those homely homes look even more homely. Another feature will be that you can now decide how big or small of a throw you can throw objects with new animations to support the action.

If you’re a player of the game and made suggestion on how the game can be made better you’ll be pleased to know that they’ve listened to you. Starting with players concerns with mouse controls, allowing for faster and slower degrees of movement depending on the weapon you have in hand. The team explained it this way in their most recent blog post – “players with a pistol will be able to turn around and fire much faster than a player with a M4, or a chainsaw”

There’s crossbows set to be introduced too, so that’ll be exciting.

There will also be new motion capture for a host of features to make the game more realistic. Obviously with all the changes, people are warned to expect issues, but you were warned of that when you bought the game, with your fancy computers and stuff. God I hate you DayZ players, enjoying it and stuff.

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