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It’s fairly odd to see ‘Nintendo’ and ‘Season Pass’ in the same sentence but there’s good news for fans of Mario Golf World Tour! As well as a hearty helping of DLC for the 3DS golfing game, Nintendo has revealed their first ever Season Pass for the game too!

Mario Golf World Tour, on its own, will give you a total of 10 courses and 126 holes, a similar amount of content that you’d fine in previous Mario Golf titles. But with the added DLC you’ll get a total of 108 new holes as well as a handful of Mushroom Kingdom golfers.

Nintendo plan to release three DLC packs, the Mushroom Pack on 2nd May (the day of release), the Flower Pack later in May, and the Star Pack in June. Nintendo have revealed that each pack will set you back £5.39, or alternatively you can grab the Season Pass that’ll set you back £10.79, what’s more, purchasing the Season Pass will give you immediate access to Gold Mario.

Gold Mario has a special ‘Golden Flower’ shot that earns you coins for every yard your ball travels. There’s good news though if you’re after Gold Mario but don’t want to fork out on the Season Pass, Gold Mario will be released after all three DLC packs have been released – Nintendo hasn’t revealed how much Gold Mario will cost.

Mario Golf World Tour launches exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS on May 2.

Nintendo has also released concept images of some of the new courses and characters which you can see below.

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