Baldur’s Gate

This is great news. Great great great news. Beamdog’s overhauled version of BioWare’s classic 1998 Baldur’s Gate is now available on the Google Play store. It’s been out on the iPad for a while now already, but I don’t have an iPad, nor do I want an iPad, so I’m super happy that the devs at Beamdog have ported it over to the Android system.

The game currently holds a 4.24353543534 star rating on Google Play, and a quick browse of the reviews shows that there are a few issues with it here and there – difficulty reading the small text and occasional crashing – otherwise it looks pretty damn solid. You can read more about what makes the Enhanced Edition so ‘enhanced’ in our Indie Fix on the Steam version from last year.

I CAN’T WAIT to get my hands on this!

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