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Earlier last week Phil Tibitoski announced via the PlayStation Blog that Octodad: Dadliest Catch is set to launch on PlayStation 4 on April 23, that’s this Wednesday! Great news for Octopus fans!

There’s currently still no word on an Xbox version of The Dadliest Catch, but for those with a PlayStation 4 you’ll be able to get your fill of the every day normal father that just happens to be an octopus. Yeah, an octopus.

The Dadliest Catch is the second game in the Octodad series and Octo’s wife is starting to get suspicious! Life for him is a neverending struggle to control his wobbly limbs and to conceal his cephalopod secret from his loved ones. In this game, Octodad and his family take a disastrous trip to the aquarium, putting him at odds with marine biologists, a manic sushi chef, and his wife’s ever rising suspicions…

What’s not to love about that idea alone?

According to Tibitoski “The PS4 version also has support for new controller configurations like PlayStation Move, double PlayStation Moves, and our personal favorite, PlayStation Move plus Nav controller! Let’s not forget local co-op mode, where you and your friends each take control of one of Octodad’s limbs and collectively cause chaos!”

If those features aren’t enough to have you throwing your cash at the screen why not check Hayden’s review!

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