Combined sales of both versions of the Oculus Rift dev kit have topped the 85,000 mark, which, when you consider that it’s not even on general release yet, is fairly  impressive.

Version 2 of the headset which is currently aimed solely at developers, has apparently sold over 25,000 units already according to a report from the reliable folks over at TechCrunch. Added to the 60,000 units that the original kit sold (not to mention the fact that version 2 has only been on pre-order since the end of March) those make for some pretty impressive numbers.

A standard consumer version of the headset is in the works and shouldn’t be too long in the making now that Facebook have injected their fairly sizable reserves of cash into the project, buying the company last month in a $2 billion deal. To have a look at what Facebook could have better spent that money on, feel free to have a look over here.

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