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Let’s be honest, DC and Marvel are trying to take over the world. Ironic since they both publish superhero comics. But let me explain what has led me to this crazy theory. Both have taken their Autobot and Decepticon style brawl out the comic book arena and into any viable media format.  As we know Marvel are pretty much winning on the movie front with Phase One of Marvel studios plan. DC on the other hand are holding strong on the games with the Batman series and Injustice and Infinite Crisis on the horizon could be the knock out blow.

The animation war is still in the air as DC and Cartoon Network struggle to keep their partnership Batman and Robin fresh. However the animated feature battlefield could be about to be changed. This is probably because Avengers Confidential Black Widow and Punisher is probably one of the best Marvel animated films I’ve seen in a long time, probably since Planet Hulk.

The animation style is anime and thanks to animation studio Madhouse, the same company that produced the previous animated Ironman feature Ironman: Rise of Technovore which is basically Tony Stark versus a generic anime inspired bad guy. Madhouse even produced the anime TV series adaptations of Blade, X-men, and Wolverine.

The film focuses on Black Widow and Punisher, both had previously appeared in Rise of Technovore hinting at Marvel’s plan to create a shared anime universe. The duo have teamed to combat a new sinister organisation trying to take over the world with super soldiers and powerful weapons.

I’ll say up front now, the fight scenes are hard to follow. Just imagine the Transformers action scenes but done much slower and less jittery.

Despite the generic baddies you’ll just love the final act which see’s a couple of surprise guests as the film competently deals with Marvels continuity and reveals in the superhero team up culture. Watch out for the symbolism of the global power structures and the some of the best Black Widow story I’ve seen on-screen so far. Also, stay for the Punisher who’s come up from the streets and into the crazy spy game. But mainly come from the end action scene and just reveal in the possibilities it holds.

So overall it’s good if not with a couple of flaws stopping it from being great, but a good start to what I hope could be more.

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