In a interview with GamesTM Creative Director at Ready At Dawn Studio’s, Ru Weerasuriya, talked about the upcoming PS4 exclusive, The Order 1886, and how it may become a videogame series.

“We’ve built this franchise to be much bigger than just one game, There are stories that have been told in the game, but there are stories that haven’t, and stories about what happens after the events of this game. Absolutely, though, I would love to get the chance to tell more stories with sequels and other things that we can do with the intellectual property.”

Though the amount of gameplay set to come in the first game hasn’t officially been revealed, it seems like Ready At Dawn Studios have a lot up their sleeves with The Order 1886, more than enough to span across a few titles.

The Order 1886 was announced at the 2013 E3, the game takes place in an alternate reality during the Industrial Revolution. An order of knights going back as far King Arthur and the round table have kept the human race safe from the “half breeds”. The “half breeds” have always had the upper hand until the advance of the Industrial Revolution give the knights the technical advances to gain the upper hand.

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