Phil Spencer Makes it Clear He Wants The Xbox One to “Win”

If you’re a strong supporter of either side of the console war between the Xbox One and PS4, then you’ll love what the head of Microsoft’s Xbox division, Phil Spencer, said last week via Twitter.

While it’s clear since early on that PS4 has always been miles ahead of the Xbox One in sales numbers, it’s also becoming more clear that Microsoft is putting its best foot forward by appointing Spencer to his new position, because it seems he’s all about the games.

Spencer’s been fairly active answering questions of his followers on twitter, and through those interactions he’s made it abundantly clear Xbox knows they are messing with a powerhouse in PS4, and need to appeal to core gamers.

I’ve always been a fan of both consoles (no, I’m not saying that as a cop-out, I really am) but I’ve been more involved with Xbox in the last few years. It’s exciting to know both companies now know the score and are appealing to the people that move consoles. It’s a great time to be a gamer, and it’s fun seeing Xbox and PS4 duke it out.

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