This afternoon PopCap and EA announced that their hilarious multiplayer shooter Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare will be blasting onto PC via Origin and other retailers on June 27. Soon you’ll be able to snipe a zombies head off with a cactus, splat a zombie to the floor with a pea shooter, and smush a Sunflower into the ground with the All-Star Zombie.

The game will be available to download via Origin and other PC retailers on June 27 and will come with all of the DLC goodies that both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 games have received since their release, including the Gnome Bomb game mode and the two new mutliplayer maps, Chomp Town, and Cactus Canyon.

To celebrate the release date news PopCap have launched a new video which you can see above.

Players can pre-order the Origin Digital Deluxe edition right now, which includes two Booster Packs, in-game coins and an exclusive character customisation pack.

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