Here in the UK we’ve only just managed to grab the Super Mario themed Happy Meal toys (and trust me, I’ve grabbed a lot of them), but for the US they’re moving on to another videogame franchise, this time Pokémon X and Y, offering a free Pokémon TCG card and a miniature toy based on one of the characters from the game.

Coming soon to a McDonalds in the US is the Pokémon X/Y themed Happy Meals which will include toys based on the Pokémon X/Y videogame that launched in October last year. Each Happy Meal will include a free Pokémon Trading Card Game card as well as a toy that represents one of the Pokémon from the game.

Some of the Pokémon available in the promotion include; Pikachu, Venusaur, Servine, Pignite, Axew, Dewott, Blastoise, Woobat, Xerneas and Charizard. What’s more, each toy contains a McPlay Power code which can be scanned using the mobile app which will unlock a minigame.

Why can’t we have cool things like this?

To check out the full range of toys, head to the source link below and click on the “Next Happy Meal” button!

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I like your articles, but you should probably have someone proofread them first. At least double check the title. McDolands?

Aaron Richardson

Ah! Good eye Batman! Considering I’m the Editor, I should have spotted that! Must have had a brain fart that day. :