On Monday the PlayStation Blog surprisingly announced that King Oddball Ends the World the skill based physics puzzler was flinging its way from PlayStation Vita over to the PlayStation 4, the following day. Which means following the PS Store Update, King Oddball is now available to play on Sony’s latest console.

King Oddball Ends the World launched on PS Vita in 2012 and is now taking its tongue swinging action onto PlayStation 4. The game requires the user to clear the play area of all enemies using three throwable rocks which are swinging like a pendulum on the tip of King Oddballs tongue. The game relies heavily on great timing and physics as you launch the rock from Oddballs tongue and watch the enemies tumble.

“King Oddball is an oddly enticing game providing lots of challenging levels even though the game is easy to get into. We’re confident the game will find its fans on the PS4 and with the free trial it’s easy for everyone to give it a go.” says Sampo Töyssy, Vice CEO of 10tons Ltd.

To get King Oddball Ends the World for yourself, you can head to the PlayStation store here. Those that have both a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita will be pleased to know that King Oddball Ends the World is also a Cross-Buy title.

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