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It’s been a while since we’ve discussed Amazon’s prospective smartphone, as a raft of rumours emerged last year that suggested the online retail giant could be pondering a move into the smartphone market.

Since the turn of the year the pulse has run slightly cold on the story, with some dribs and drabs coming through the wire but nothing really to phone home about.

Well it seems that the rumour mill has begun turning in Amazon’s favour again, as a report in the Wall Street Journal claims that there could be an official reveal of the smartphone by the Seattle based company.

According to the report the old rumour chestnut that is ‘people briefed on the company’s plans’ the smartphone could be revealed in the second half of the year.

Specifically the article claims that Amazon intend to officially announce the phone before the end of June and will finally ship the phone before the end of September, in order to be in with a chance of turning the heads of the holiday shoppers.

Allegedly Amazon finally getting around to releasing the smartphone will be a symbolic measure in their hardware battle with the likes of Apple, as the smartphone will join the new Amazon Fire TV box, as well as the popular Kindle tablet range, in directly rivalling the product line of the Californian company.

The latest feature we picked up was the alleged 3D functionality, which will supposedly work without glasses, utilising the same technology packed into the Nintendo 3DS.

If this rumoured functionality does come into fruition it will definitely turn the heads of some users, however whether it will fire Amazon directly into the thick of the smartphone game remains to be seen – if the rumours are to be believed of course.

As per usual any of these sorts of ‘sources close to the company’ rumours should be taken with a huge serving of salt, so you should hold off from ditching your smartphone in favour of a Kindle flavoured handset for now, but as it stands it is good to see that the perspective Amazon smartphone has popped its head over the parapet once again.

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