Now development on both the Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360 versions are complete, Respawn entertainment can now work on providing life-long updates for the multiplayer mech based shooter. Respawn Entertainment’s Game Director, Steve Fukuda, has outlined the future of Titanfall updates in a recent blog post.

Following Respawn’s Announcement for the Titanfall Expedition DLC, Fukuda has taken to the Titanfall blog to outline the companies future plans for Titanfall now the development process has finished.

“Now that we are transitioning from making the game to supporting it, one of the many things I want to improve is what I call our ‘update tempo’ – not just accelerating how often we update the game, but also improving our frequency and quality of communication about those updates with the community.” Fukuda wrote in the post.

“The purpose of this blog is to keep you better appraised as to what we’re up to, including the time between updates. You’ll also hear from other devs on the team, giving you insight from a developer’s perspective across a variety of disciplines.”


Fukuda follows on to break down the games update process which has been split into three parts. “First, we tend the garden and keep the weeds out.” explains Fukuda. What this means is that Respawn are going to focus on the current game rather than adding new features, from here they’ll be releasing improvements, bug fixes, as well as balance tweaks for weapons and game modes.

From here Respawn plan to add “convenience features” which improve on things you do more often, again not adding new things just yet. One example Fukuda pointed out was the introduction of party colours so you can easily recognise your party whilst in a game. He also revealed that the next update will include the ability to rename loadouts, and the ability to filter your challenges in an order that’s more beneficial to you.

Finally the new features will be added or “infrastructural features” as Fukuda called it, these updates will bring with them the new features the community have been asking for such as the beta Private Matches that has been recently released. Following this update Respawn plan to add more custom options to your private matches. Beyond infrastructural features Fukuda revealed that they’re planning to add more Burn Cards into the game as well as the ability to add your own emblem to the nose of your Titan, something which is expected to arrive in future updates.

Titanfall is available to play right now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. The first DLC, Titanfall Expedition is expected in May, but no definitive release date has been announced, yet.

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