Road Redemption, the spiritual successor to everyone’s favourite brutal motorcycle racer, Road Rash, has finally launched its Early Access alpha! Providing you have $40 spare to throw at DarkSeas Games, you’ll be able to play it right now!

Growing up, Road Rash was one of my favourite games, not because I liked racing games, but because I enjoyed kicking the living shit out of P.E. No. 1 whenever her punk ass came anywhere near me. With my pent up rage out of the way, you can now enjoy the same brutal motorcycling action but now in a more polished 3D environment with Road Redemption.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, DarkSeas Games has been busy working on the early access alpha which has finally launched on their website. For $40 you’ll get access to the early alpha as well as subsequent versions of the game and the Steam Early Access release whenever that happens.. You’ll also be able to express joy knowing that you’re supporting the development process.

An early access gameplay video has been uploaded too which you can see above, its a little rough around the edges, but it’s something at least!

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