samsung galaxy s5

Earlier this month certain Galaxy S5 users had discovered and reported a bug which caused the phones camera to become totally inoperable. Last week Samsung themselves confirmed the bug and said that they’re working on a fix. Though the problem might need something more than just a quick software update to fix.

The issue seems to mostly be affecting those with the Verizon branded Galaxy S5’s, though other phones from other carriers and regions have reported this issue happening to their handsets also. Samsung has confirmed that the issue exists and have discovered the source of the problem, but it goes a little deeper than just a software bug.

What happens is that a certain part of the Samsung Galaxy S5’s ROM has corrupted meaning that, that particular area in the phones OS cannot be accessed, resulting in the crash. What this means for those that are affected by the bug is that your handset, quite frankly, is buggered for now. There’s good news though, your handset should fall under the manufacturers warranty for hardware and software defects so take advantage of that.

Take it back to where you purchased the handset from and they should hopefully offer a replacement. If not, for whatever reason, you can contact Samsung’s warranty center and they should hopefully point you in the right direction of a replacement or fix.

Samsung have said that they’re not entirely sure how many devices have been affected by the issue, so it’s fairly hard to judge the extent of the issue and whether it’s something prospective buyers should take into account right now and whether the problem has affected many people here in the UK.

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