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It looks like Samsung may be ready to finally launch a Tizen powered smartphone at some point later this year according to Samsung’s senior VP for product strategy, Hankil Yoon, who revealed the Korean company’s roadmap for 2014 in an interview with Reuters. Though it sounds familiar to Samsung’s release plans last year, we’re also expecting to see an Android Wear smartwatch and a “hight end” Tizen powered smartphone from the company.

Though we’ve heard that Samsung will be releasing a Tizen powered smartphone year after year, it’s finally looking like Samsung may actually have some solid release plans for the currently unknown handset. Samsung has echoed last years plans for a high end Tizen smartphone which fell through due to “poor market conditions” but that’s all changed now. With a new strategy in tow Samsung hope to release the smartphone to emerging markets first or to “a few markets we can do well” according to Yoon, which may mean that it may never see a release in the West.

In terms of the Smartwatch, Samsung seem to want to compete but at the same time support Android with release plans for both the Tizen powered Gear 2 and Gear Neo, and now a currently unknown smartwatch which is going to run Android Wear, an Android OS specifically designed for wearables. According to The Verge who reached out to the Korean company, Samsung has confirmed Yoon’s timeline of a 2014 release for its new smartwatch and clarified that it will indeed be using Android Wear.

Does that mean Samsung are shifting focus from Android powered smartphones? That’s unlikely as Samsung wouldn’t be the company we know and love today without Google’s Android OS, though it would be a surprising move.

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