In a bizarre turn of events, Samsung have decided to try and improve on London’s internet access in public squares and parks by utilising the pigeons in the area.

Donning micro-router packs, the London pigeons will create mobile Wi-Fi in the area. They’re super lightweight, water resistant and will not impede the pigeon’s flight at all.

Explaining it in a press release, Tim Verhoeven, Project Director of Samsung Innovation Labs said: “This is about thinking laterally – using one nuisance, pigeons, to fix another, a lack of Wi-Fi.  It is a breakthrough of sorts but of course pigeons have always been at the forefront of mobile communications technology.  From the sixth century BC, pigeons have been used as the fastest and most reliable way to send messages over great distances. As you’re never far from a pigeon in London, we think this idea could really take off.”

fli-fy pigeon

Offering one of the best concentration of the birds, Samsung plan to focus on Piccadilly Circus and have contacted the Mayor of London’s Office to have the Harris Hawk which patrols the area to stand down, opening up Trafalgar Square to Fli-Fy.

The Senior Pigeon Engineer at Samsung further added: “Pigeons have a natural inbuilt GPS function called ‘homing’ and have hollow bones so they are natural conductors of electricity so can recharge the routers when they sit on telegraph wires. They are also non-migratory so we won’t lose signal in the winter.”

Samsung Fli-Fy is set to roll out across the UK should the scheme be successful. An app will be available on Google Play and Samsung Apps to help users check their connectivity.

To find out more, head to the Fli-Fy website.

This is clearly an April Fools prank, right?

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