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Guardians of the Galaxy. Jupiter Ascending. Maleficent. Edge of Tomorrow. Isn’t that list lovely? It’s time for part two of our 2014 movie round up (if you’d like to check out part 1, have a gander over here.)

Let’s get started.

Maleficent (May 30th)

Angelina Jolie is the titular Maleficent in this retelling of the classic fairy tale. The cast looks good, the story’s obviously a winner.

Prediction: Based on the trailer, this is going to kick ass. We don’t know much else — the director has some serious visual effects chops.


Edge of Tomorrow (June 6th)

Tom Cruise is back in this sci-fi epic based on the Japanese novel All You Need is Kill, which is a far better title than ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ which sounds like the name of a bad charity single. The Groundhog-Day-with-Aliens premise is interesting, the cast is ace and the trailers have been compelling, if a little reminiscent of last summer’s Oblivion.

Prediction: It’s a Tom Cruise summer blockbuster, so it’s bound to be entertaining. Whether it’s actually *good* or not remains to be seen, but Emily Blunt’s inclusion is promising. She also gets the best line of the trailer: ‘Of course you’re not — you’re a weapon.’


Guardians of the Galaxy (August 1st)

Marvel’s on the sort of winning streak that David Moyes can only dream of. Cap America kicked ass, the Avengers made enough money to drown Kim Kardashian in dollar bills and Agents of Shield didn’t turn out shit, which is honestly what we all expected to happen. So they’re rolling the dice, with a talking racoon and a tree called Groot, played by Vin Diesel who likes to say ‘I am Groot!’ over and over again. They’re not afraid to take chances this lot.

Prediction: This looks fucking amazing dude, not to mention  totally hilarious. Also, Zoe Saldana is green! And Chris Pratt is buff! Whaaaat?


Jupiter Ascending (July 18th)

The movie we’re most excited about on these lists. Even the trailer gives me happiness in my insides. It’s got Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, the Wachowskis, terrifying aliens, man-beast hybrid creatures defending said Mila Kunis and a massive great big interstellar war. Is there anything this movie doesn’t have? Well I suppose it doesn’t have Sean Bean as a British-accented mentor figure. What? It has that as well? Holy shit! What’s the betting that he ends up either evil or dead (or both)? Or manages to slip in the phrase ‘Winter is coming’ somewhere or another?

Prediction: This is either going to redefine science fiction cinema or suck almighty amounts of balls. We’re hoping for the first.

Remember. ‘It’s not what you do. It’s what you are.’


Next time around we’ll have Hunger Gamesyness and Mutant Turtleyness. Be sure to be back on n3 to check it out.

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