So Peter Parker is back as Spider-man and it turns it out a little later this year we’ll be seeing a ton of other Spider-men and the occasional spider-lady as part of Dan Slott’s ‘Spider-verse’. With a huge promise to include every Spider-man ever, they must all combine their webs to combat the evil vampire Morlun.

Morlun is a villain that was introduced a couple of years back during a creative shake up to try and kick start the industry after the boom and bust in the 90’s. This means we’ll be seeing Spider-men from different universes like the Ultimate universe and ‘What If’ scenarios as well. So it looks like the November/December comic dead zone may not be so boring this year.

The teaser images has already revealed a huge number of web wonders. But since I spend way too much time on the internet I’ve come up with a couple of Spider-men I’d like to see turn during the crossover event.

px Peter Parker %Earth %Death’s Head Spider-man – If you spend too much time on the many comic book wikis you’ll encounter these disposable alternatives of well known characters which are found in different continuities.

This particular one just fascinates me. The bizarre character design is just so intriguing. What made Spider-man dress like this? Is it some kind variation of the black suit? Why is one arm bare?

Will Dan Slott answer my questions??

Mangaverse Spider-man – You know I love this guy and how much I love ninja Spider-man and the whole manga and Western mash up.

Just imagine the fun you could have with the manga and comic book troupes all in one place?

Spider Man Alternate Six Arms

Six-armed Spidey – I’ve seen this version come up in a lot of different places and I’d love to see some action sequences with this dude and he puts his six arms into action.

I just hope it doesn’t end up like on the TV show when he turns into a creepy nightmare inducing man-spider.


spiderboySpider-boy – Back when Marvel and DC did a crossover we saw creative teams mash up DC and Marvel heroes. So for example you’d get Captain America and Superman to get Super-Solider.

Spider-boy was a mash up Spider-man and Superboy, naturally.

He had a web gun and could use gravity to increase his powers. And had a cool jacket. I’d love to see this guy appear again! Pretty please DC?

What version of Spider-man do you want to see the most this Autumn? Tweet me or comment below!

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