Not to sound bitter, but is it just me or have Japanese publishers releasing ridiculously short games this year, first it was Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and now this game, Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day. Much like this game my review will be short and brief. Overall I managed to finish this game in between two to three hours, which is a little silly.

All together there are only nine or ten stages for the whole game and two or three bosses. Does it make it a terrible game though? Not at all, what we have here is very well produced title with anime cut scenes directed and written by the weird but legendary Suda 51.

This whole compilation of animated videos and the one game is part of a new project called the Short Peace and it has brought several talented animators and directors together such as Katsuhiro Otomo, Goichi Suda, Yusuke Kozaki, and Kamikaze Douga studios to produce four animated short films to co-exist within the main game. These four animated pieces are called Possessions, Gambo, A Farewell to Weapons and Combustible.

In the games story you play as Ranko Tsukigime, your average young teenager that attends high school and has fun with her friends by taking part in activities such as karaoke. She is the only child of the Tsukigime enterprise and when the sun sets she is a deadly and stealthy assassin when night fall bestows. When taking on a new assassination contract she finds out that a new enemy organisation is trying to kill her and her friend.Ranko T

The story sounds pretty average but soon becomes very weird when you start to play the game as the weapons and art design are not your average anime style.

Gameplay in Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day takes on several genres but is predominantly a side scrolling action game. The way I would describe this game is that it blends the style of Sonic the Hedgehog, with its fast pace platforming and boost ramps you find throughout the levels, with Strider, with the sword combat and you speed along dispatching foes. It does change up a little bit throughout, for example there is one boss that you fight in a side scrolling shoot’em up game and you have to hit it’s weak points in different orders, or you have the Super Smash Bros.-style arena fight which has you fight another boss which you have to hit so many times to win, which took me so many tries because it gets a bit frustrating.

What really stands out with the this title is the art style it uses anime style art within the gameplay when it runs at a buttery smooth frame rate, all the cutscenes are animated and well directed, but I hope you like to read subtitles because all the dialogue is in spoken Japanese with English subtitles over the top.Ranko gameplay 2

It gets a bit bizarre but come half way through the game as I started to get invested into the games story, but sadly it ended too soon and that’s what aggravated me the most. Overall it has this bizarre yet interesting story and it starts to become interesting and then it just ends with a cliff hanger ending. This could to be that they’re planning a sequel or DLC story missions but I don’t know.

Overall what’s here is great but I don’t think it justifies the full asking price of £39.99, if it was the price of a digital download or even Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes pricing, it’d be worth it. In my opinion I would suggest waiting for a price drop because the content that is here is not worth £40, but gameplay is fun with its colourful art design and well directed cutscenes. Worth playing but not at this price.

This review was written based on the PlayStation 3 version of Short Peace: Ranko Tsukigime’s Longest Day.

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