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Sega have today announced that their mobile version of Sonic & All Stars Racing: Transformed has gone free on both iTunes and Google Play. This isn’t a limited time thing either, the game is now free forever. Along with that great news, Wreck-it Ralph and Metal Sonic have also been added to the roster.

Available to download right now for iTunes and Google Play absolutely free, players can experience the hand-held mobile version of one of my favourite casual racing game for consoles.

“Going free is part of SEGA’s goal to improve the title’s multiplayer experience by making it available for everyone to download and play. With more racers, more modes, and more tracks, there’s never been a better time to join the race.” reads the press release.

Following this news on April 29 Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed is going to get a bunch of new characters in the form of Wreck-it Ralph and Metal Sonic. Not only that players will also be able to cruise the beachfront resort of OutRun Bay, barrel roll past asteroids in Sonic Colors’ Galactic Parade, and pit their skills against racers around the world with the new World Tour Chapter and Boss Cup Grand Prix.

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