PlayStation 4

Earlier this week Sony revealed the latest number of sales for their latest-generation console, the PlayStation 4, had exceeded seven million, that’s not sales to retail either, that’s the actual number of sales to consumers which is a pretty impressive number.

Sony have been constantly firing out impressive numbers surrounding the sales for the PlayStation 4 with one million consoles sold in the first 24 hours and 5.3 million consoles sold in February. Now Sony have revealed that the PlayStation 4 has sold 7 million units to date. That’s 7 million gamers that currently own a PlayStation 4 (roughly).

Before you Sony fanboys start lording this number over those of us who have stuck by Mircrosoft, remember that the PlayStation 4 is available in many more countries than the Xbox One meaning that sales numbers are going to be exceptionally higher than that of the Xbox One. Still, even I have to admit 7 million sales in five months is no mean feat!

Sony also revealed various other facts surrounding the consoles share feature such as: 135 million shares have been “captured” using DualShock 4’s Share button, there have been 4.9 million game broadcasts so far, and the console has seen 90 million spectate sessions.


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