Space Engineers

There is one thing that survival mode in Space Engineers was missing for me, one core feature that was required for a sustainable and long game; Resources. You can spawn 16 large asteroids, sure, and that is a LOT of resources, but it is still finite. One may, for example, squander all one’s gold in order to build a 50ft golden penis statue (as one does in these games), and then you will have none left for making computers.

This has now been remedied to some degree, and in quite an interesting way. A number of different types of ships, with quite a good variety in my opinion, will now spawn, fly across the map, and disappear, as they enter your sector, travel through, and leave. There are traps that can destroy parts of the ships and as they are all moving forward very fast it is a challenge to get inside to stop them.

This means we can have a new challenge to both deal with the issue of finite resources and to break up the monotony of building and mining. We have also been given an update adding meteors, which will smash into your stuff and break it! You get to choose the danger level of your world space when you create it.

Have you played Space Engineers yet? If so, do you have any suggestions for improvement? Leave a comment below!

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Bobby Z
Bobby Z

Can’t find anything anywhere confirming what you wrote about random ships flying by. Did you make that up or get bad info? Reference?

John Griffin
John Griffin

I think what Joshua is referring to is update 01.023 and the cargo ship. Details of which can be found here on the games forum –