Space Engineers

Another Space Engineers update! This week we got a fairly early, work in progress version of the conveyor system. At first I thought this would just be useful for sorting, but it actually has far more interesting and varied effects ranging from storage management, to safety, to defence.

Let us begin with what you get: you get a conveyor, tubes to connect them, a hole to drop stuff into, and a spout to shoot things out of. Now you can obviously use this to move objects from one box to another without having to switch menus or leave your comfy captain’s chair. However, you can also shoot something such as fuel out of the spout, and have it move through the air (or lack of such), and towards a chute, say, going right into the reactor of a smaller ship. Boom! We have refuelling stations.

Next, you could have much greater safety in terms of keeping your reactors from destroying your ship or being blown up by encasing them in a big cube of heavy armour and just having a chute go to the centre, meaning you can refuel without having to touch the reactor itself. Lastly, we have the ability to jettison a constant stream of items out of a ship, and some people have been experimenting with this, especially using rocks and steel plates, to leave a trail behind a ship in order to stop rockets hitting the ship (which explode on impact with the rocks or plates, rather than the ship).

This is certainly an interesting update and I look forward to seeing people come up with more interesting ways to use the new available items. Unfortunately right now you cannot see items whooshing through tubes but I hope that is added some time in the future.

You can find Space Engineers on Steam, updates usually come every week.

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