Space Engineers

Yes, it’s time for another update to Space Engineers, this time we get one feature we have all been waiting for, and one that I hadn’t really considered much but is actually incredibly useful.

The first feature is glass, coupled with a new system of organizing the inventory window to allow for scrolling, meaning you can more easily fit a greater number of objects in one screen (such as those added by mods, which should mean less mucking about in the .ini files to get the items appearing on different pages properly).

The glass has a slightly blue tinged, mostly clear shade on one side and a much darker effect on the other, giving an effect like sunglasses. There are a bunch of different shapes to allow players to make most shapes in glass, which is really damn cool. We also get some new cockpits for large ships and stations, including a first person console, meaning you can now have your first person controlled glass fighter craft.

The second big thing is artificial mass blocks, which do exactly what you would imagine: They are an artificial mass. What’s more, you can turn them on and off, so all the glitchy tricks using gravity based on magnet-welding space rubble to you ship can now be done with a simple, placeable block which you can activate or deactivate at any time. I expect many good things from this, but so far I have already seen warp gates and cars, so there is certainly some use to these blocks.

Space Engineers is a space survival/construction game and can be found on Steam.

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