Evian have always been a fan of the dancing baby, whether they’re on roller skates or dancing around on t-shirts, you’d have assumed they’d have thought of everything – but apparently not. In their latest ad campaign Marvels web spinning super hero, Spider-man, comes across his baby counterpart and a dance battle ensues.

As a part of Evian’s ‘Live Young’ campaign, The Amazing Baby & Me 2 hopes to show Spider-man’s inner youth. Evian now “gives birth” to their latest baby, and this time he emerges in the form of a somewhat ‘heroic’ figure. The initiative shows that even the most courageous of characters has a child inside them waiting to unleash.

If you haven’t seen any of Evian’s ‘Live Young’ videos a troop of delightful (or creepy depending on how you look at it) little tots have come to represent the natural purity of the water from the French Alps, maintaining bodily youth. Whether you love them or hate them, you’ve got to admit, this advert is pretty awesome.

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Spider-man and Baby Spider-Man Dance Off in Evian's The Amazing Baby & Me 2

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