So yeah, it’s another one of those posts about Galactica again, can you tell I’ve been addicted to something recently? This time however, we’re going to talk about a great actor of nerdom, Katee Sackhoff, but never fear comics fans, we’ve got plenty for you as well.

First we shall entertain the comic fans with a new fun fact I shall regal you with. Do you know what the term ‘Women in Refrigerators’ refers to? Well it all started back in the 90’s with the new Green Lantern at the time, Kyle Rayner. Kyle had a girlfriend called Alex Dewitt, who was murdered by Major Force then stuffed into a refrigerator.

This lead popular comics scribe Gail Simone to create bold website called Women in Refrigerators. This website contained a list of female characters which had been put in the “wood chipper” or in other words had been depowered, killed, raped or had somehow been sidelined. You can check out that website here. This had then lead to the critical term ‘Women in Refrigerators’.

So now come to the Starbuck part of this article. From now this is going to contain HUGE spoilers into the third season of the 2003 Galactica series, though I’m hoping you’ve already watched them by now..

So Kara Thrace, AKA Starbuck, has settled on New Caprcia, the planet were the survivors of the Cylon Holocaust had settled. This new found peace was settled after the Cylons found the planet and imprisoned the colonists. One of the humanoid Cylons called Leoben took Starbuck prisoner and forced her to live out a demented domesticated housewife role with him in jail cell.

Of course she escapes and kills him a couple of times, but he comes back each time because of the humanoids ability to transfer consciousness to a spare body.

So in my opinion I open the fridge door and there is Starbuck. A strong female character beaten round the head with a trope and left with a concussion until midway through season 4.

Starbuck was strong character who made you forget the concept of gender, she was just a strong person. But I feel this rather silly and ultimately pointless stab at gender politics doesn’t pay off, it just doesn’t develop the character or help lead into a new more interesting development into the character.

Out of all the Starbuck stuff that happened during Galactica I think this is the weakest and almost contradictory plot they used for the character.

Starbuck is a Woman in a Refrigerator…

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