Everyone watch last night’s Nintendo Direct about Smash Bros., right? Let’s begin with the new Pokémon announcements, as there was a lot!

Charizard confirmed as a character. Not how he was with the Pokémon Trainer in Brawl, but as a singular character. Greninja has also been confirmed as a character, with a quick and powerful playstyle slightly reminiscent of a Pokémon Shinobi (hence Greninja being a ninja).

Now, the Pokéball item; There’s a huge number of additions to what can be in Pokéballs, including Meloetta, Gogoat, Kyurem, Victini, Keldeo and Xerneas. I assume this isn’t the entire amount of new Pokémon, so I’d say to expect more to be confirmed. There’s also a new item called the Masterball, which only has the strong/legendary Pokémon in it, giving a new mechanic for Pokéball usage.

You can check out the Charizard and Greninja announcement cinematic above – truly a masterpiece of animation, in my opinion.

Greninja vs Lucario

Mario vs Charizard

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