Smash Bros is a heavily competitive game, with tournaments around the world. It’s also a very family friendly game, in which everyone can grab a controller and jump into a nice family brawl. The new games for 3DS and Wii U seem to take both of these into consideration, splitting their online play into two modes:


For Fun mode is the classic Nintendo free-for-all with items, random stages and all the other good stuff. This mode records only a players wins, and losses don’t matter, creating a nice friendly yet still competitive gamemode. The For Glory mode however, is Final Destination only, no items. So now you can actually do online “1V1 FOX ONLY NO ITEMS FINAL DESTINATION” as a legitimate gamemode. In this gamemode, both your losses and wins are tallied.

Nintendo also showed their new system for handling online griefing and negative play, with a code of conduct system and the inability to be anonymous when playing matches.


The new online ranking system will be called Global Smash Power. This system is essentially a score that is based on your performance in online modes. The higher your rank, the better you’ve performed. This system is a lot more positive than the usual leaderboards where someone can be at #1 while you’re all the way down at #10,000.

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