Hopefully my final blast of knowledge and updates from April 8’s Nintendo Direct, this one is all about the new stages shown and some character details.

Stages were pretty much the first thing we were shown, and included a variety of slightly surprising and slightly predictable stages. The Wii U stages were Mario Galaxy, Windy Hill from Sonic: Lost World, Pyrosphere from Metroid, Wii Fit Studio, Garden of Hope from Pikmin,  Town & City from Animal Crossing and Punch-Out’s Boxing Ring.

The 3DS stages showcased Arena Ferox from Fire Emblem, Tortimer Island from Animal Crossing, Prism Tower from Pokémon, Rainbow Road from Mario Kart, Spirit Train and Gerudo Valley from Legend of Zelda, and Balloon Fight. Each of the stages on Wii U had multiple music tracks to pick from to play whilst fighting, whereas the 3DS version is limited to a small number of tracks per stage.


New movesets were also shown off, including Kirby’s new power hammer charge move, and Zero Suit Samus being a standalone character with her own unique moveset, rather than an addition to the standard Samus. Shiek also received the same treatment as Zero Suit Samus.

Yoshi’s new animation style was shown off, and features Yoshi in a more upright stance rather than his classic hunched over animations. Yoshi still has his tail whip and running mid-air attack.

Masahiro Sakurai also mentioned the ability to create custom movesets for offline modes, but didn’t explore this much more. I’d assume we’ll hear more about this in time.


If you watched the whole thing, live or on YouTube, drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts!


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