In the latest episode of Did You Know Gaming? We learn a little about the origins of Neversoft, the company that brought various games including the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series. But do you know who the first person to ride a board in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater? That’s right, Bruce Willis.

In the early stages of development the team at Neversoft used the same character model from their previous game Apocalypse, a third person shooter that stared none other than Bruce Willis as the main character. Bruce Willis remained on the board when Neversoft demo’d the game to Tony Hawk to try and get him on board too.

“The first demo, the one we showed to Tony Hawk to get him on board, had Bruce Willis on a skateboard, he was still holding a gun, I think” said Neversoft co-founder Joel Jewett.

You can check out the full Did You Know Gaming? Episode above.

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