In less than two weeks gamers around the United States of the World are going to be able to dive back into a guilty pleasure of many years. An event game which is able to draw more people to its handlebars than any map pack or story DLC ever could. The next in the Trials series hits hard-drives in Trials Fusion. Right now the Trials Fusion Beta is going on so I decide to take a little bike ride over, slip on my helmet, and return to see an old friend.

Take a look at the video above for a more in-depth look into Trials Fusion but as a little written primer; RedLynx have developed this title and made it into an absolute delight. To say that the beta is still an unfinished product almost feels like doing it a disservice, I’ve already had more fun with it in the past 2 days than I had with any previous Trials title. Taking a near future visual style and garnishing it over what we already know and love from the franchise while making use of the improved power of consoles today creates amazing courses which often distract you from the course, in a good way.

Want to pick up Trials Fusion? Well if you go here you can purchase the game directly from Ubisoft via Uplay for £31.98 which includes the season pass and lists a release date of April the 16th. Failing that you can head over to Steam to preorder the title, however the release date there is April 24th and is offered for £16.99 for the standard game.

Are you excited for Trials Fusion or did the franchise die for you at the arrival of the next generation fo games? Let us know your thoughts and anything else in the comments box down below.

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