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At PAX East this past weekend, Left 4 Dead developers, Turtle Rock, discussed some new developments of their upcoming 4vs1 co-operative game, Evolve. Speaking with Polygon, Turtle Rock revealed that they’ve added a skill points system to characters as well as discovering the ideal duration each game should last.

It would be a wasted opportunity if I didn’t say that Evolve has been evolving over the past few months since we last saw the game in action. One of the new developments in the game is the inclusion of a skill points system where the player can earn points to use to upgrade one of three skills.

In terms of the Goliath, one of the games playable monster characters, will be able to choose how to upgrade its Fire Breath, Rock Throw, and Dash either by spreading the points across all three skills, or focusing on a single skill and maxing it out.

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“You can choose to spread your skill points across three abilities or max one of those abilities up,” said Denby Grace, executive producer on the title at 2K Games, “It’s really made your choices much broader. It has made for some really, really interesting strategies,” he said, “That was the biggest change we made.”

Grace also discussed the game duration “sweet spot” that they had discovered from various play tests saying that the perfect time for players to get the best experience out of the game was around the 12 minute mark.

Evolve it set to launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on this Autumn.

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