Do I like Vine? No, I flipping love it! The Twitter owned app has recently gotten another update that introduces Vine Messaging, and you’ll never guess what it does.

The update introduces VM’s that basically allow you to privately speak to friends or even give you the chance to speak to ‘ Vine Stars’. You can type messages or even make vines to send to friends as well as share your favourite vines from the video social site. You can now also personalise your profile, by changing the header background colour. It may not be a lot but sometimes the littlest things have the biggest impact. Some times 6 seconds is better than 15.

From Vine’s early days, we recognized that there was a growing desire and need for private messaging on Vine. We’ve watched the community come up with some clever ways to send videos to their friends as we’ve been working on this solution. Now you can privately send Vine videos and text messages to your friends. You can even send videos to anyone in your address book, even if they aren’t on Vine.

Vine is a little over a year old now and has grown massively since January 2013. Seeing people come up with creative short clips as well a hilarious short videos.

If you’ve got Vine, tell us what you think of Vine Messaging in the comments below!

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