Welcome back to the second part of The Walking Dead look back. I’m obliged to tell you two things: number one, there’s a part one to this which you can read here. And point b, there will be spoilers in this if you’re a little behind on The Walking Dead. Go and catch up on the series and then we’ll talk.

For those of you still wanting to read on, we kick off after the mid-season finale with episode nine, “After” a fitting title if ever there was one. The second half of season 4 was definitely my favourite half, the collapse of the group’s home, the fact that they’re all scattered and don’t know the whereabouts or in fact if they’re friends and family are still alive was a great plot line in my opinion and a one I thoroughly enjoyed watching unfold.

The first thing we see is The Prison, destroyed and overrun by walkers with the corpse of The Governor still lying in the field. Michonne is outside the fence and dispatches a few walkers before taking cover behind the defensive ground spikes, two walkers follow her and are impaled on the spikes in which Michonne uses her camouflage technique by cutting the arms and jaws off the walkers. Using rope from The Prisons gates she ties it around their necks and begins to leave. As she does she comes across the now reanimated head of Hershel and using her katana, ends his life for the last time.

Rick and Carl are still on the move, Rick in bad shape, and Carl not helping his father. They travel along back country roads and the two of them happen across a shop that they enter to see if they can salvage any supplies, when working through the rooms they meet a walker that has been  barricaded behind furniture. Rick plans to use his axe to kill the walker so to save ammo but is too weak to do so, Carl then shoots the walker much to Ricks dismay. The two continue their journey and eventually reach a road with houses on it. Entering one of the homes and searching for any walkers left in, once the house has the all clear they set up the sofa against the front door like a barricade.

TWD AfterMeanwhile, Michonne travels through wooded areas with her walkers and crosses paths with the one Rick and Carl were on. Rather than following their clear foot prints Michonne continues forward in the same direction going back into the forest. We next joined Michonne in one of her dreams. It was her, her son, Mike and Terry all before the walker outbreak but the dream begins to turn into a nightmare as her reality and what she’s been through enter her dream. Michonne wakes up in the front of a car screaming. It’s always very exciting to see and learn more about the characters and Michonne being one of the more mysterious ones is a great person to learn more about. She continues her journey in the forest and ends up walking with a heard of walkers, whilst passing one of them she notices just how similar it looks to her. Shaken by what she could potentially become she kills the whole horde as well as her two ‘pet’ walkers. After calming down Michonne returns to the tracks she saw previously and follows to catch up with Rick and Carl.

Rick has passed out due to his injuries and Carl is left to try to wake his dad. With nothing working he begins to shout at Rick, which alerts two walkers to the houses front door. Carl leaves through the back door to sneak around the front and get the walkers attention to lure them away from the house. As he leads them away Carl is surprised by a walker that comes up behind him, tripping he is forced to shoot all three of the walkers which fall on top of him. Carl returns back to the house and smugly tells Rick “I win”. With Rick unconscious, Carl has to make supply runs to neighboring houses, gathering up what he can and bringing it back to their temporary home. Carl searches one home and heads upstairs, opening one of the doors and releasing a walker that almost manages to bite him. Luckily he manages to slip his shoe off and locks the walker in another room. Carl marks the door stating that the walker got his shoe but not him, looking very proud with himself.

TWD After CarlCarl returns to the house where Rick is still unconscious. Later that night Carl wakes to a slowly stirring, groaning Rick. Readying his gun for the worse, Rick then falls off the sofa and onto the floor. He reaches out to grab hold of Carl, who has his gun pointing at his father but unable to do anything more than that. Carl is relieved when Rick manages to groan his son’s name. The following morning Rick and Carl talk about things, how Rick was wrong to treat Carl like a child as well as other stuff. Michonne at this point has caught up with the duo and notices and empty pudding container, a one that Carl had previously eaten. She heads over to the window of the house and cries with tears of joy upon seeing Rick and Carl. Michonne knocks at the door, to which Rick tells Carl “It’s for you”

Episode 10, “Inmates” was a very well made episode, I enjoyed the fact it was split up so that we saw different groups on their own journey after the fall of The Prison. The episode starts with Daryl and Beth as they around a campfire, both not saying mush to the other. Beth feels as if Daryl should be using his tracking skills to find the others. Frustrated, she gets up to do it herself with Daryl TWD Inmatesfollowing slowly. The two continue the search until they come across some footprints, Beth is confident that person who made the prints is alive, whilst Daryl is more reserved on the persons current situation. As Daryl and Beth leave the area they pass a log that has dismembered rabbits in it. As the two press on and make it out of the forest they end up next to a set of train tracks. By the tracks is the shoe of Luke, one of the children from The Prison. Upon seeing this and realising who it belonged to, Beth bursts into tears but is suddenly attacked by a walker. After a short struggle, Daryl manages to restrain the walker as Beth stabs it in the head.

The next group that episode 10 follows is Tyreese and the two sisters, Lizzie and Mika. As the three walk through the forest, Tyreese turns to speak to them and reveals that Judith got away safely too. The group find a small clearing where Tyreese can take care of Judith. Lizzie takes a seat on a log where a a couple of small rabbits have inhabited, she removes her knife without anyone TWD Inmates 3noticing and proceeds to kill. Quickly there after the group is forced to leave with the threat of incoming walkers. The following day, still whilst traveling through the trees, The group hear distant screams. Tyreese, tells the girls to stand back to back, and to run towards him if any walkers head to them. Tyreese leaves to investigate and as the girls wait, walkers begin to converge on them. Tyresse makes it out of the forest and ends up next to a set of train tracks where a man and his son are being attacked by walkers. Tyreese helps them fend them off but is unable to save the men who are bitten. In the distance, Tyreese hears the pistol that the girls had to protect them fire. As Tyreese heads back to make sure everything is okay the sisters appear holding Judith, along with Carol following them. Tyreese is shocked to see Carol and Carol is visibly weary of Tyreese as she is unsure if Rick told him of what she did to Karen. The father of the pair that Tyreese tried to save told them of a sanctuary and to get there they had to follow the tracks.

TWD Inmates 2We next get to see Bob, Maggie and Sasha as they make camp by a river. As Maggie sharpens her knife against one of the rocks Sasha suggest they stay another night, Maggie agrees but they’ll be doing so without her as she is going to go search for Glenn. Sasha claims that they shouldn’t split up and Bob agrees as he stands up and follows Maggie leaving Sasha not much choice but to follow. When finally back on the road they find the bus from The Prison abandoned in the middle of the road. As the trio rush to inspect it they soon see that it’s filled with walker who were formerly members of their community. For Maggie’s peace of mind they open up the rear door of the bus to allow one walker out at a time so that they can put them out of their misery and find out if Glenn is one of them. As the investigation continues Sasha is overpowered by the walkers attempting to escape and they all begin to spill out. The group is forced to kill them all very quickly and once done Maggie climbs on the bus to make sure that Glenn isn’t aboard. As she searches she is forced to kill one more walker before she realises  that her husband is not on the bus.

The last group we watch the movements of is Glenn who is awoken on the now blown up bridge of The Prison. He left the bus to go find Maggie but was caught in an explosion caused by the tank. As he wakes and looks for Maggie he realises that she is no longer there. Going back into the prison to collect some items as well as donning the riot gear he leaves, pushing past all the walkers, as he does so he passes Tara who has locked herself in a fenced area. Killing the walkers that she’s attracted, Glenn steps in side and asks for her help. Still shocked by what she witnessed, she does not answer Glenn. Glenn makes a Molotov throws it at a nearby car to distract the walkers and escapes with Tara. Whilst on the road with Glenn, Tara speaks about witnessing her sister’s death and seeing what Brian did to ‘an old man’. Glenn concerned by who she means, he asks if it was Hershel that he killed. Tara is still very upset about what happened and can only apologies to Glenn. As they carry on further down the road they are faced with a small pack of walkers.  Glenn collapses which means Tara is left to take care of them and as she finishes the last one a truck with three strangers in pulls up on the road.

The eleventh episode of The Walking Dead is called “Claimed” and again follows a few of the different groups on their journey after the Fall of The Prison. This episode kicks off with Glenn and Tara, now traveling in the back of the military truck owned by TWD ClaimedAbraham, Glenn is still unconscious from before and Tara makes a note of where they pass. They are forced to stop because of a blockage on the road, walkers begin to congregate at the rear of the tuck as Tara reaches for a rifle she is told not to shoot and Abraham gets out of the truck and kills all the walkers. Once Glenn comes to and realises that he is not heading the way he is meant to be he demands the truck stop so he can get off. Abraham informs Glenn that he is on a mission with the help of Rosita to take Eugene to Washington as he knows what caused the walkers. Regardless of the information Glenn still wishes to leave and when Abraham attempts to stop him the two men get into a fight. Whilst the men are otherwise distracted and with Rosita and Tara trying to break up the fight, walkers begin to appear. Eugene is unable to get the attention of the others so grabs one of the rifles to take care of the walkers himself, unable to properly use the weapon Eugene hits a few of the walkers but in doing so shoots holes into the trucks fuel tank. Abraham inspects the damage closer and confirms the truck is going nowhere at which point Glenn collects his stuff and begins to walk with Tara. Abraham, Rosita and Eugene without any transport follow Glenn and Tara.

The episode also focus’ on Rick, Carl and Michonne who are still held up in the same house as last time. Michonne and Carl plan to leave for a supply run, Rick is left behind to rest but not before he gives Carl his gun at they agree to be back by midday. As Carl and Michonne clear the first house and leave to search another, Michonne tells Carl that she had a son before everything happened. Rick by this time has fallen asleep on one of the beds but is disturbed by the sound of strangers downstairs. The sound of someone coming up the stairs forces Rick to hide under the bed, the unknown man enters the room and then proceeds to fall asleep on the bed. Another man from the group downstairs enters the room and begins to argue with the man on the bed about which of them gets the bed. The two men then get into a fight as to who has the right to the bed, the second man manages to force the other to the floor as he begins to choke him. The man clearly sees Rick but falls into unconsciousness, the other man then proceeds to climb onto the bed and fall asleep.

A while later Rick attempts to leave from under the bed without waking the man. He silently moves from room to room looking for TWD Claimed 1a way out of the house, but is forced to stop as one of men from the group comes upstairs and walks around the second floor. Once the man leaves Rick makes his way to the bathroom where he shuts the door behind him. As he steps back he realises he is not alone in the bathroom as one of the men from the group that entered the house is in the bathroom too. Rick is forced to attack him before he can inform his group of Ricks presence, Rick chokes and kills the man. Cleverly before leaving Rick opens the bathroom door slightly and leaves through the window, Rick then drops down and makes his way around the front of the house where he is forced to stop as there is a man on the porch with no way around him. Rick, about to kill the man on the porch is stopped when the screams of some of the men can be heard. The man who Rick was going to kill makes his way inside to investigate giving Rick the chance to escape. As he runs off, he encounters Michonne and Carl on their return and gestures them to run too. After walking some time the three come across a sign on train tracks speaking of a sanctuary. Michonne, Rick and Carl are now heading towards Terminus.

Episode 12, “Still” is an episode that follows Daryl and Beth. Starting with the two of them climbing into the trunk of a car where they spend the night as walkers pass outside. When day breaks the two leave after salvaging items from the car. Continuing their journey they stop as Beth makes a fire in their makeshift camp and Daryl goes in search of  some food. He returns with a snake that they cook on the fire. Beth tells Daryl of how she would like to have an alcoholic drink and that her Dad never allowed her to have some, Daryl does not answer her which causes Beth to leave annoyed. Daryl catches up with Beth and leads her back to the camp, much to Beth’s annoyance who tells Daryl that she can look after herself. They pack up and move along. After walking and eventually getting out of the forest they end up on the green of a gold course. Spotting the Golf Club House they head up towards it as walkers appear from the tree lining. The two eventually gain access into the Club and where they enter is filled with dead bodies as well as some walkers still alive hanging from the ceiling. With the walkers from outside now beating the door the pair choose to look further into the building. Whilst searching the storage areas Beth finds a bottle of alcohols but is forced to smash the bottle and use it as a weapon to kill a walker that attacks her, Daryl stand watching her as she looks after herself.

TWD Still 2Continuing the search through more rooms of the building they eventually come across the shop. Daryl loots the money from the till and Beth finds clean clothes to change into. The two continue their search but a clock rings out attracting the attention of walkers. Unable to escape, Daryl uses his knife and crossbow to kill the walkers eventually using a golf club to kill one other walker. He repeatedly beats the walkers face with the club and accidentally splashes Beth’s new shirt with blood. Once the walkers are taken care of and they move on, they eventually find the bar area of the Club House. Beth finds a bottle of Schnapps and searches the bar for a glass, whilst Daryl searches for more items that they may need. Beth then asking Daryl if Schnapps is a good drink Daryl replies simply with “no” as he begins to throw darts into the pictures of men hanging on one of the walls. Watching Beth search for a glass and then getting upset when she can’t find one, Daryl walks over to the bar and proceeds to smash the bottle of Schnapps, claiming that Beth’s first drink has to be a better one than that.

Daryl takes Beth to a shack that he says himself and Michonne discovered. In one of the outhouses of the shack are some moonshine stills as well as a crate packed with jars of moonshine. Daryl collects the crate and takes it into the shack. Inside Daryl TWD Still 1pours some shine into a glass for Beth to have, when Beth offers Daryl some he refuses and says at least one of them should be able to function normally. Beth eventually convinces Daryl to take part in a drinking game where they play ‘I have never’. As the game progresses and the two begin to feel the effects of the alcohol Beth claims to have never been to prison. This angers Daryl and he eventually pick Beth up and drags her outside where he fires his crossbow at a walker and pins it to a tree. He forcefully gives Beth the crossbow so to kill the walker with it, refusing to she walks up to the walker and stabs it in the head. They both get into a heated argument where Daryl accuses Beth of just getting drunk to be a dumb girl whilst Beth accuses Daryl of being selfish and not caring about anyone. The night draws in and the two eventually calm down, they sit down together and swap stories of times before the walkers came. After talking for a while Beth suggest that the two burn the shack down, they use the moonshine and spread it across the floor and up the walls until the shack is properly covered. Once the fire is lit Beth and Daryl stand and watch it burn and then proceed to flip the middle finger at it. They turn into the forest and leave.

“Alone” is the thirteenth episode in season 4 of The Walking Dead and kicks off with a flashback. A flashback of Bob’s time before meeting up with Ricks group. We see Bob, drained and traveling on the road side. He takes shelter in the entrance of what seems to be an old mine. Using long sticks Bob secures the entrance so that walkers can’t get to him. His emotionless face stares at a walker that reaches through the wooden bars trying to grab him. The following day Bob gets back on the road and as he does a vehicle approaches him from behind. Glenn and Daryl appear from the vehicle and ask Bob some questions. The main one being if he had ever killed someone. He replied with yes, when asked why he tells Daryl that she asked him to.

TWD Alone 1Back to the present day and we see Bob, Maggie and Sasha surrounded by walkers whilst caught in a dense fog. The trio stand covering all angles as they kill the attacking walkers. Bob is caught off guard and bitten by one of the walkers but once all is done and they check his injury they realise it didn’t manages to break the skin and only ripped a bandage that Bob had on his shoulder. The group all admit that they need a better place to set up camp at which point Maggie get out her compass to learn it has broken during their recent fight. Bob suggest they use the sun to guide them in what direction to head, as they travel further, like so many others they come across railway tracks as well as a sign that speaks of Terminus. Maggie claims that they should head towards Terminus as that would be where Glenn would go too. Sasha suggests that there may be no other signs for Glenn to see, looking at Bob for back-up but he agrees with Maggie. Sasha is forced to follow Maggie and Bob.

Further down the line Bob and Sasha are in a camp that the three of them have set up. Maggie is away collecting firewood while Sasha and Bob talk about what they should do. Sasha claims that Glenn is probably dead regardless and that they should set up somewhere more permanent when the chance arrives. Unbeknown to them Maggie hears what Sasha says and leaves in the middle of the night on her own, leaving a message in the dirt for them. The two wake up to the note and Bob says that they need to go after her, following the tracks. Maggie now a lot further ahead of Sasha and Bob comes across another sign for Terminus. A walker heads towards Maggie, and once she kills it she uses its blood to write a message guiding Glenn to her. As Bob and Sasha play catch up, Bob mentions how good it is not to be alone again. That night Bob make camp in what appears to be a large warehouse. Bob is abruptly woken up by the sound of a walker, when he sits up and looks around and sees Sasha is already awake from the noise too.

The following day, Sasha and Bob come across another sign just like the last with Maggie having written a message in blood. They continue until they reach a small town, Sasha suggests they stop their pursuit and make a more permanent stay in one of the building, Bob however wants to continue catching up with Maggie. The two mutually decide that they need to part ways, Bob leaves as Sasha heads to one of the building to find the suitable place to stay. Once Sasha deems the building suitable she takes a look out of the window to her horror though she sees Maggie asleep next to dead walkers. In trying to get Maggie’s attention, Sasha accidentally knock the window out of the frame causing it to smash on the floor and attract the attention of walkers to Maggie. Sasha runs downstairs to assist Maggie with the incoming walkers, once they’re all taken care of and Maggie asks where Bob is to which Sasha replies that he is out looking Maggie. Sasha apologises for what she said about Glenn, then Maggie ask for her help finding Terminus.  Now Maggie and Sasha are looking for Bob, who is ahead thinking that he’s catching up with Maggie. Eventually the ladies catch up to Bob and once reunited they continue along the tracks.

Rejoining Daryl and Beth again in this episode we see Daryl teaching Beth how to track and how to use the crossbow. The eventually reach a clearing and find a walker, as Beth approaches to kill it her foot is caught in a small animal trap the noise of TWD Alone 2which attracts the walker towards her. Luckily for Beth, Daryl is on hand to kill the approaching walker, and then remove her foot and make sure she is okay. Back in and through the forest again the pair discover a graveyard, which at the center of has a large house which they head towards. Once indoors they realise that the house is a funeral home, but seems suspiciously clean which leads Daryl to suspect that some one had been living there. After exploring and finding bodies that had been cleaned and put in suits ready for a burial Daryl and Beth head into the kitchen finding a large stash of food all dust-free and neatly organised. Daryl sets up trip wires to notify them of any potential threats outside as they sit down and dig into some of the food they found. whilst eating they hear a noise at the front door that Daryl investigates, it is a dog with one eye and as Daryl goes to stroke it it runs away. Later that night the dog returns only this time it barks, as Daryl goes to the door to coax it in he is attacked by a horde of walkers that are waiting at the door. Managing to shut the door slightly so that Beth can pass him his crossbow he orders her to leave through a window and run whilst he distracts them. When Beth is away Daryl makes a move through the house too as the walkers follow him. He heads downstairs accidentally cornering himself, luckily though he manages to escape and heads towards the graveyard to meet up with Beth. As he runs he sees Beth’s bags with the contents on the ground and a mysterious car leaving the graveyard.

TWD Alone 3Daryl can only run in the general direction that the car is heading but he eventually looses it when he is faced with a crossroad. Daryl, exhausted collapses in the road at the crossroad. Still sitting there, drained, angered and upset Daryl is surrounded by a group of men. He swings his fist as he stands at the man directly in front of him, landing a punch in his face and then aiming his crossbow on him too, which causes the other men to raise and point their weapons. It soon becomes clear that the men surrounding Daryl are the same ones that were at the house Rick escaped from. The man Daryl punches tells the other men to lower their weapons and introduces himself as Joe.

The final thing we see in the episode is Glenn looking at the sign for Terminus.

“The Grove” was one of the most talked about episodes of the season 4. And for good reason too, the episode starts with Carol as she and Lizzie watch over a sleeping Tyreese, Mika and Judith. Lizzie, inquisitively asks if Carol ever had children to which Carol tells her yes, but that she isn’t here with them anymore. When morning breaks, the group set off along the tracks, while on the tracks Carol and Tyreese pick up on the smell of burning close by. As they go, Carol expresses concern about Mike and Lizzie, stating Lizzie to be confused as to what the walkers really are and how much of a threat they pose. As they stop to rest, Carol and Mika collect water whilst Tyreese, Lizzie and Judith wait for them to return. while waiting a walker appears from the trees and walks towards the three of them but falls in the tracks, getting itself stuck. As they talk and search for water, Carol and Mike discover a house, they decide to go get the others and stay there for a while.

When they return, Tyreese and Carol plan to make sure the area inside is safe and walker free. Whilst inside though a walker appears, leaving Mika to kill it and upsetting Lizzie. When Carol and Tyreese return they usher the girls indoors and make sure outside is now safe too. As the night draws in, the group sit in front of the fireplace and as Tyreese falls asleep in one of the arm chairs while Mika suggests they stay there long-term. The following morning, Lizzie is playing outside but with a walker whom she has named, horrified Carol rushes out and kills the walker and begins to explain that the walker wanted to kill Lizzie. Later Carol TWD The Grove 2takes out Mika in search of more food when they come across a deer. Carol gestures for Mika to kill it, but she is unable to and the deer gets away.

That same day, Mika finds out that Lizzie has been collecting mice and feeding them to the walker that got trapped in the train tracks. Lizzie tells her sister that she understands them and that the walkers just want her to change too. As this happens walkers burst from the treeline which forces the girls to flee. As they get closer to the house, the girls  have to move through a barbed wire fence, at which point Tyreese and Carol have heard their screams and run to investigate. Once on the other side of the fence all four open fire on the walkers which upsets Lizzie. The next day, Carol and Tyreese leave to hunt and both agree that staying at the house might not be a bad idea. Tyreese mentions to Carol that he still has nightmares of Karen and her mysterious killer which makes Carol uncomfortable. When they return to the house they see Lizzie standing over the dead body of her sister as she holds a knife covered in blood. Lizzie looks at both of them and says “Don’t worry, she’ll come back!”. This shocks both Tyreese and Carol and as Carol approaches Lizzie to take the knife from her she pulls a pistol out and aims it at Carol. Tyreese eventually takes Judith and Lizzie inside as Carol takes out her knife and move towards Mika’s body.

TWD The Grove 3Once back in the house, Tyreese informs Carol that it was Mika who had been feeding the walkers at The Prison fence, this prompts Tyreese to wonder if Lizzie was the one who killed Karen and David, to which Carol says that it wouldn’t have been her, she prefers to see them as walkers. The next morning, Carol takes Lizzie outside with her for a walk, Lizzie gets upset and apologises for pointing the gun at Carol. Carol tells Lizzie to look at the flowers and as her back is turned, Carol pulls out her pistol and proceeds to shoot Lizzie. That night, Carol admits to Tyreese that it was her who killed Karen, and that she understood what he would have to do next. Tyreese tells her that he forgives her but will not forget what she did. The following day, with Judith, they leave and get back on the rail tracks.

“US” is the penultimate episode in The Walking Dead Season 4 and kicks off with Glenn, Eugene, Tara, Abraham and Rosita all traveling along the tracks, Eugene mentions video games in an attempt to impress Tara. As they progress, Glenn sees one of the signs that Maggie has made and proceeds to sprint along the tracks. Further down the line, the group pause outside a building that some suggest they should spend the night in. Glenn adamant to catch up to his wife demands that they continue, as the talk they attract the attention of a walker who was above them in the building and falls towards them. Abraham in an attempt to protect Eugene, pushes Tara to the floor, injuring her leg. Abraham suggests they rest a while, but Glenn still wishes to continue. He bargains with Abraham by giving Eugene the riot gear in exchange for them joining them on the journey to Terminus. They all TWD US 2eventually reach a tunnel with another blood written message on the entrance. Abraham refuses to go through and so Glenn and Tara break away from the group and head into the Tunnel. Abraham, Rosita and Eugene head out looking for a vehicle to which they can continue the mission. Once they find one and get on the road, Rosita drives and Eugene navigates as Abraham sleeps in the back.

Back in the tunnel as Glenn and Tara get deeper inside they see fallen debris with walkers trapped under it. They slip between the walkers and stab the ones that pose as a threat. Eventually, they climb over the rest of the rubble and see a group of walkers, Glenn checks the walkers from a height to make sure Maggie isn’t one of them, luckily she is not. Using the torch to distract them, Glenn and Tara proceed to climb down the rumble when a piece comes loose and traps Tara’s leg. Glenn attempts to free her but the noise attracts walkers. Meanwhile, Eugene has cleverly guided Rosita to the other side of the Tunnel when they meet Maggie Sasha and Bob. They all get into the vehicle and head into the tunnel to get Glenn and Tara. They arrive just in time as the walkers get nearer and nearer to Tara. While the husband and wife are reunited, Eugene convinces Abraham to go to Terminus. The following day they arrive at the gates of Terminus and as they progress through the courtyard they are welcomed by Mary.

Daryl’s new-found group wake up one morning to find no Daryl there, they find him waiting to shoot a rabbit. Len, one of the TWD US 1survivors sneaks behind Daryl and as Daryl fires, Len also fires his bow also hitting the rabbit. Len claims the rabbit to be his which Daryl contest stating he had been awake and waiting long before him. Joe settles the argument my slicing the rabbit in half and giving half to each man. When the group move out, Joe tells Daryl of their group rules and that liars will be beaten and what it is to claim. The group eventually find an old railway platform that they can stay in for the night. The next morning Len claims that his half of the rabbit has been stolen and instantly points the finger at Daryl. Joe, stepping in empties Daryl’s bag to find both parts of the rabbit. Daryl protests he’s been set up to which Joe asks Len if the accusation is true. Len is adamant that he didn’t set him up which causes Joe to punch Len as Joe watched Let place the rabbit in Daryl’s bag. Joe tells the rest of the group to teach him a lesson and they proceed to beat him to death. As they leave the platform Daryl sees Lens dead body outside,  contemplating covering him with a sheet he decides not to. As the day passes, the group pass a sign for Terminus and claim they’re getting closer. They step over a wrapper from some food that had been dropped.

Rick, Carl and Michonne are seen on the tracks talking and smiling getting closer to Terminus. Michonne and Carl take a break to have some food which Carl drops the wrapper of leaving it stuck in the tracks.


We’ve come full circle and only in about 10,000 words. Wow. The Walking Dead Season 4, to me has been a great season. The second half of which was very well executed. Sadly though we now have to wait till October for the fifth season where we will see how Rick and Co manage to escape from Terminus.

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