If you couldn’t tell by the title, we’re hopping on the spoiler express again. This journey terminates at Terminus and on our journey we’ll be stopping by The Prison as well as a host of other locations so if you aren’t caught up catch up!

For those of you up to date with the epic finale of The Walking Dead Season 4, get ready because we’re reliving it again together!

We’re actually starting with the finale and we’re just going to take it in for how great it was, or at least in my opinion how great of an ending to season 4 it was. With an estimated 15 Million viewers, a 3 Million increase on season 3’s finale you can definitely say it was a popular choice for viewers.  We’ve followed several mini groups on their journey to Terminus, “Who Will Arrive?” “Who Will Survive?” have been the big questions of season 4’s second half. We watched Maggie, Sasha and Bob search the back country for Glenn. We watched Glenn team up with Tara as Glenn tried to find his wife. Tyreese had traveled long distances all whilst keeping 3 little girls safe. Daryl opened up and Beth coped with her losses all whilst trying to stay safe. The season finale though focused on a father-son duo that in recent episodes has been strained.

TWD Rail

The finale starts with Rick, Carl, and Michonne continuing their journey towards Terminus, avoiding the tracks and opting to use the cover of the forest where possible. They make camp by an abandoned vehicle, and whilst Carl rests Rick and Michonne are ambushed by Joe and his group. It was at this point, for me, that my heart started to race. Although we knew it had to come and the likelihood of it happening then was high it was still an exciting surprise to see unfold. The threat that Joe’s group posed to Rick, Michonne and Carl was mounting and then when Daryl appeared from the shadows the plot made yet another turn in an unknown direction. Watching the ‘standoff’ unfold was very exciting.

The way Rick reacted though and the following few minutes really shocked me. I think that was the aim of this finale, to shock. And they delivered, thoughts on Joe’s group’s intentions varied with fans but watching what happened to them was truly gripping television. The aftermath of what went down that night, and how Rick, Carl, Daryl, and Michonne  dealt with it was very interesting to see. Again, adding yet more depth to the characters.

As we know Terminus already has some of the group there already, but what they are doing or how they are remained a mystery throughout the episode.

Once Rick and Co reached the fence surrounding Terminus and then vaulted it to make their way through the back entrance, the adrenaline started pumping again. Because the way they had come into Terminus was so different to Glenn, Maggie’s and the rest of that group I wondered if their welcome would be any different. Greeted by Gareth, the welcome was more unusual for the Terminus residents as they didn’t expect to see anyone from outside come in that way. All seemed normal, the group were taken to Mary who like with the previous group to arrive, offered food and welcomed them to Terminus.

Rick begins to notice certain items that he recognises from his group. The riot armor, the poncho, and then eventually the pocket watch. Rick grabs hold of Alex, a Terminus resident, at gunpoint and demands answers and guess what? Yeah, here we go again on the adrenaline roller coaster. A gunfight ensues, with Mary accidentally killing Alex, giving the group a chance to flee they frantically search for a way out. Unfortunately, because of the gunmen on the roof it makes their mistake all that more difficult, especially when they tactically shoot the surrounding area as if they are trying to round them up, lead them to something and  keep them on a track. Through creepy looking rooms with candles burning away and past fenced areas filled with bodily remains, the group eventually reaches the fence but are again met with Terminus members pointing guns directly at them.

TWD Hostage

With their weapons forced to the ground Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and then Carl are told to line up outside a railway container. Told to open the door and then step inside one by one the group have the door shut behind them and as they stand there in the shadows, from the other end of the container figures move, stepping into what little light there is to make themselves more clear it is Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Tara, Abraham, Rosita, and Eugene.

Rick states that “They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out.” To which Abraham replies “Find out what?” Leaving Rick to simply reply with “They’re screwing with the wrong people.” It’s at that point that Season 4 of The Walking Dead ends but not where the talking stops.

A special mention should be made to the ‘flashback’ sections of this episode, a look back at The Prison before Rick and Hershel started to really build it into the thriving community it was for a short time. It brought the episode back a little and reminded you how human the characters were and just how far they had all come. It was done so without loosing momentum of the episode though which I would imagine was a very important thing to achieve.

TWD Mary

Now a look back, a look back at what we’ve experienced, overcome and endured with The Walking Dead Season 4.

The season kicked off with “30 Days Without an Accident”, which we all know as soon as we read the title, there was going to be an accident. Our first glimpse of life in The Prison was that of a good one, it had changed with the intake of new members. There were new outhouses and lean-to’s erected and a council had been created to help making important decisions. There was obviously still the threat of walkers outside, but within the fence of The Prison, everything seemed a lot better and the people seemed a lot happier.

A small group, consisting of Daryl, Glenn, Tyreese, Michonne, Sasha, Bob, and Zach leave to make a supply run. What should have been a simple run turns nasty when a shelf comes crashing down, smashing several bottles of wine and attracting a large pack of walkers roaming the roof that is already weakened by a helicopter crash, something the searching survivors are unaware of. The weight of the walkers causes the roof to collapse, causing the walkers to come crashing down on top of the group.

Back at The Prison, Rick has gone out to check the traps, as he approaches one of the traps so does a walker, or so it would seem. As he turns to leave Rick hears a female voice shout “Please!” and it’s at that moment that Rick’s surprised and confused face mirrored that of the viewers. The women who is alive, but only just. She begs Rick to be taken back to his camp along with her husband who is back at their ‘camp’. She takes Rick through the forest towards her husband, upon arriving though it quickly becomes clear to Rick that all is not clear with the woman and her husband, who appears to be just a head in a bag, meaning he himself is a walker. While his back is turned the woman tries to attack him with a knife, Rick manages to avoid the attack and holds the woman in the sight down his pistol. Overcome with emotions of what she has been through and the thought of life without her husband the woman stabs herself in the stomach. Rick leaves their camp and heads back to The Prison.

TWD 30 Days

The small supply run group are still at the store with the walkers now beginning to overcome them. The group move in to help Bob free from the fallen shelf on top of him, as they drag him out and free of the grasp of a walker the same walker grabs and bites the leg of Zach. The now smaller group have to leave and as they do so, the helicopter crashes through the roof meaning that the  supply location is probably a no go zone now.

Somebody mark the chalkboard with a big zero, because the group have had an accident.

In episodes two and three of Season 4, things don’t get much better for everyone in The Prison. A flu virus manages to make its way into the group and those who get the virus die and brought back as walkers. The virus begins with Patrick, who earlier complains of not feeling well. Later on in the evening, Patrick heads towards the bathroom to take a shower, as he does this he collapses due to the infection and so begins the reanimation into a walker. In his walker form, he heads back into cell block B and enters another group members room, and whilst he sleeps he bites and rips out his throat causing the count of walkers to increase to two.

As a new day begins and cell block B begin to wake up and move about it triggers the two walkers to move out and begin to attack other survivors. Outside, Rick and Carl talk about Carl having his gun back. It’s at that point they hear gunshots come from cell block B. Rick heads inside and with the help of Daryl, they help those who avoided the walkers escape and kill their once cellmates. Once the walkers are confirmed dead, the council has a meeting to try to fathom just how the walker got in but soon realise that it was in fact an infection that caused it.

TWD Fence

Cell Block A is quarantined, as well as those who may possibly of come in contact with the virus. Carol stands by the bed of a bitten man who asks her to take care of his two daughters, Lizzie and Mika. Carol agrees and once he dies she drives her knife into the skull of the man. In episode three, we watch still as the group come to terms with the infection and try to figure out what to do. It appears though that someone has tried to deal with it themselves as there are two burnt bodies, who were that of Karen and David were dragged out into the prison yard, doused in fuel and left to burn. The classic question of who did it runs wild from there on and the person who wants the answers the most is Tyreese, “You find who did this and you bring them to me! Understand!? Bring them to me!” he tells Rick. Tyreese punches Rick and in retaliation Rick relentlessly punches Tyreese until Daryl drags him off of him. The holes in the groups tightly woven community begin to show.

As the council try to come up with a solution to the viral threat that they face, Sasha is found coughing heavily and is sent to quarantine to see the Doctor, when she arrives she learns the Doctor himself is also very unwell. He presses on in the struggle to help people with the aid of Sasha. Hershel says that the group need antibiotics, and that a college’s animal hospital some 50 miles away may have what they need. Daryl and Michonne head up the group with Bob tagging along and then Tyreese coming to try to help cure the virus.

Glenn and Maggie dig graves for their already dead group members, and later on Maggie approaches Glenn only to be told through spluttered coughs “Don’t come any closer. I have it”.

TWD Daryl Bob Michonne

The small group set out to go and search for the antibiotics and during the car journey they hear a distorted message come across the radio. Distracted, Daryl drives into a few walkers and is then faced with thousands of them in front of their car between them and their destination. Reversing the car he hits a pile of undead and effectively bottoms the car out meaning they can’t go anywhere in it. The walkers then begin to surround the car and as they do so the group make a break for the forest clearing, all of them but Tyreese who in a trance stays in the car. Bob, manages to snap him out of it and as Tyreese exits the car he begins to mercilessly beat the walkers that begin to surround him. Bob is forced to leave and follow Daryl and Michone, once a safe distance away the group waits to see if Tyreese follows. The branches begin to rustle and then, covered in blood and visibly shaken, Tyreese appears unharmed. The group continue their move towards the college.

Back at The Prison, Carol leaves the perimeter to repair cisterns as it appears the pipes are blocked. Rick spots Carol and runs towards her just as walkers begin to emerge in the forest lining behind her. As the walkers begin to converge on Carol from both sides, Rick arrives to aid her. They run back through the hole in the fence where Rick reminds Carol that they were supposed to fix the cistern tomorrow, together. Carol replies with “We don’t know if we’ll get a tomorrow” It’s at this point that Ricks investigative work into who killed Karen and David falls into place. When asked if there was anything she wouldn’t do to protect the group, Carol calmly relies with “no”. Rick finally asks her the question of whether she killed Karen and David, again calmly replying with “yes”

Episode 4, “Indifference” has Rick and Carol prepare to leave for a supply run as well as update viewers on how Daryl and his group are getting on. The group happens upon an auto-shop where they find a vehicle hidden under a dense patch of ivy. Once freeing the vehicle and checking it over it appears it needs a new batter, the group again begin to clear the ivy from from the store front and when Tyreese manages to free open the door it allows the walkers to reach through the ivy and try to grab them. The group find a battery and manage to get the car started, so they continue their journey towards the college.

TWD Indifference

Rick and Carol leave on their supply run and arrive at a small street with several houses. The two begin to search houses, picking up the supplies they need when they are met by a walker at the top of some stairs. The walker falls and tumbles to the bottom and Carol kills it. From upstairs appear two people, they come down and introduce themselves as Sam and Ana. Sam has a dislocated shoulder which Carol manages to fix whilst Ana has sustained an injury to her leg. They ask if they are able to return to The Prison with them. Rick asks the three questions and says they will come back for them as they leave at the end of the day. Carol however suggest that they let them search for supplies to, as to quicken their time spent there. Rick and Carol step outside to pick tomatoes from one of the gardens where they find a basket dropped to the floor with the leg of Ana next to it. They open the garden gate as they see the rest of Ana being eaten by two walkers. Sam however is nowhere to be seen.

Once Rick and Carol are done searching, Rick gives Carol a cut of the supplies, food and a vehicle and banishes her from the group. He feels like he and the rest of the group will not be able to trust her once they learn of what she did to Karen and David.

Finally reaching the college the antibiotic search group begin to go room to room looking for the drugs they need. During the search though, they are ambushed by walkers, many of which show signs that it was the flu virus that killed them. They make their way through the corridors of the college until they reach a window, Tyreese then breaks the window with a fire extinguisher giving the group an exit. Bob trips and almost looses his bag of the edge to a pack of walkers underneath. He manages to keep a hold of it and regains his footing, Daryl then grabs hold of his bag and finds that it is actually a bottle of liquor inside and not medicine. Daryl, angry at Bob squares up to him and is about to throw the bottle to which Bob readies his weapon to be removed from the holster and demands that he doesn’t. Daryl then disarms Bob and it looks like a fight within the group will erupt but Tyreese steps in the middle of them and appeals to Daryl to leave it and that Bob has made his choice. Daryl threatens Bob that a drop better not pass his lips until the sick members of their group are back to full health.

TWD Internment

For me, episode 5, “Internment” was a very interesting episode. It starts with the return of Rick, and when Maggie notices he is without Carol she asks where she is, avoiding to answer by asking another question to Maggie, she again asks about Maggie in which Rick tells her what happened and if she would have done the same. Maggie agrees with Ricks actions but thinks that she couldn’t actually go through with it. And it’s moments like this that you are reminded that each person in the group is different and what Rick deals with is something that not everyone is up to the mark of doing.

Things continue to get worse in the quarantined cell block, one member struggles to breath so Hershel inserts a tube down their throat to aid the breathing. A weakened Glenn and Sasha take shifts to pump air into the lungs of Henry. Whilst Hershel and Glenn do the rounds in the cell block they come across one of the quarantined dead with blood covering his face. Glenn goes to kill the man but is told by Hershel not to do so in front of everyone in the cell block. Again, this act show that there is still some kind of sense as to how certain things should be dealt with, even after the people started coming back as walkers. Glenn and Hershel remove the man and Hershel attempts to end the man once and for all but is unable to. Glenn steps in and finishes the task.

As Hershel closes up the cell doors a man stumbles out of his cell, unable to breathe because of the blood in his lungs. A weak Sasha assists Hershel in getting the man on the trolley, once on Hershel tells Sasha to return to her cell. Hershel takes the man to a separate room where he covers his face and kills the man once and for all. Rick is on the other side of the window and watches Hershel, again another moment where we see a character deal with something that others may not be able to do. Rick tells Hershel of Carol’s actions and what actions Rick has taken to protect the group. Hershel return to close the remaining cells, but happens across an unconscious Sasha, accidentally leaving the door of a cell containing a walker open.

TWD Hershal and Doc

Glenn at the time continues to pump air into the mans lungs but when he dies and Glenn calls for help he chokes on blood he has coughed up and passes out. Anarchy ensues when Lizzie call out for someone to help Glenn, this attracts the attention of walkers who all begin to move towards Lizzie and Glenn. Hershel goes to the Doctors cell where he looks for the shotgun he keeps, when he arrives he is ambushed by the turned doctor, Hershel is forced to break his arm and then kill him. Once the gunshots start, Maggie and Rick hear them from outside and Maggie heads in to try to help. Hershel begins to lead walkers away from Lizzie and the other children so that he can shoot them without the children having to see. Once Maggie gains access to the Cell Block she helps her father dispatch of the remaining walkers, once they’re dealt with they head over to Glenn to try to get him to start breathing again.

As well as chaos inside, Rick and Carl have to deal with the growing problem of the over crowded fence. The walkers eventually get too much for the fence and it collapses, letting in a large horde of walkers in. Rick and Carl begin to open fire on the walkers in the prisons courtyard. At that moment, Daryl return with the others and the supplies. He and Michonne jump out to assist Rick and Carl as Bob and Tyreese head up to the Cell Block to start handing out the antibiotics. Bob administers Glenn with the drug as Tyreese cradles his ill sister in his arms.

TWD Carl and Rick

A new day begins and Rick harvests some crops with the help of Carl. Michonne and Daryl load up the truck with the bodies of the nights previous victims with the help of Hershel. Daryl asks Hershel about the whereabouts of Carol, to which Hershel advises he speaks to Rick. Michonne and Hershel leave to take care of the bodies and it’s at that point we see The Governor again.

“Live Bait” and “Dead Weight”, episodes 6 and 7 respectively focus heavily on The Governor and his movements after the fall of Woodbury. Still numb by the events of Woodbury, Phillip begins a downward spiral into darkness. He along with Martinez and Shumprt camp out by the military outpost where they had previously murdered the soldiers in season 3. The Governor’s two henchmen watch as he sits in an almost trace as the wold passes him by. Walkers fall at his feet and he is completely unfased. The next morning as The Governor emerges from his tent his is alone. Martinez and Shumpert have left him. The Govenor returns to Woodbury and begins to burn it down to the ground. Phillip travels for months and due to exhaustion collapses outside an apartment building. As he does so he notices a little girl at the window of one of the apartments, he pulls himself to and goes to see who else is in the apartment building. He comes across the Chambler’s who consist of Lilly and Tara who are sisters, their father David, and Lilly’s daughter Meghan.

TWD Governor

They take Phillips pistol from him and show him to the apartment opposite theirs. When they ask him his name, he replies with “Brian Heriot” which is a name The Governor saw painted on a building he passed on his travels. Brian is later asked by David if he would go upstairs to one of the other apartments to get a Backgammon set for him and his grand-daughter to play with. Brian finds the neighbor in his bath with a revolver in his hand, he kills the reanimated man, finds the game and returns to the Chambler’s. The following day Lilly asks Brian one more favour before he leaves, she asks if he would go to the local nursing home and see if he can find some more oxygen tanks. Brain travels to the nursing home and searches for the tanks, he avoids several walkers and then happens across a cart full of the tanks he needs. As he pushes the carts back towards the exit he is again ambushed by walkers, Brian manages to escape with two tanks and return back to the apartments.

As Brian teaches Meghan chess, Lilly comes in from the bedroom and reveals that David has died. Brian quickly tell the women to leave the room as they are clearly unaware that David will reanimate. Lilly asks for a little while longer to say goodbye to her dad and as this all goes down David begins to return. He manages to grab a hold of Tara and nearly bites her but Brian uses one of the oxygen tanks to pummel Davids head.

David is later buried outside and Brian, Tara, Lilly and Meghan leave the apartment in a food delivery truck that was abandoned outside. They camp in the back of the truck for the night by a lake and in the morning are unable to start the vehicle back up forcing them to continue on foot. The small group happens across a pack of walkers and Brian orders them to drop their bags and run. Unable to move due to fear, Meghan stands exactly where she is. Brian eventually manages to get her to come to him and he picks her up and runs, as he does so through a field he and Meghan fall down a hold purposely dug out to catch walkers. Brian puts Meghan down and kills the trapped walkers with his hands. He then picks her up again and promises to keep her safe just as Martinez shows himself above him.

TWD Martinez

The next part of The Governors journey shows him as a new member of Martinez’ survivor group. Helping out on supply runs and keeping the camp in working order. Once back at the camp Martinez is speaking with Brian as he hits golf balls from the top of an RV. Martinez says he would be willing to share some of the leadership with Brian. This evidently triggers something as Brian then hit Martinez with the golf club and drags him towards a walker pit. He holds Martinez over the pit edge as they grab hold of him and eat him. The following day brothers Mitch and Pete break the news to the camp that Martinez is dead and that he got drunk and fell in the pit.

A couple of days later, Brian goes to Pete’s caravan to speak to him but when his back is turned to him, he stabs him and then suffocates him. That same day he goes to Mitch’s caravan and at gunpoint forces his way in. Brian speaks with Mitch and tells him that he killed his brother, he begins to get worked up to which he tells him to calm down. Brian goes on to inform him that he is now in charge. Mitch, still overcome with grief accepts it and so Brian begins to set plans in motion. Brian takes a vehicle towards The Prison where he watches from the tree line. He sees Michonne and Hershel now disposing of the bodies from the walker attack and makes his move.

Seeing The Governor come back from no-mans land into the evil man we know he is was very interesting. The way they portrayed him not caring was a very good idea and very good to watch unfold.


“Too Far Gone” was the mid-season finale for The Walking Dead Season 4, it had an estimated 12.05 Million views and rightly so. Everything we watched was leading up to this point. Things were about to get good! The episode started with The Governor getting all the group together and telling them about The Prison and how they deserved it more than its current inhabitants.  We then saw a flashback to when The Governor was in the forest watching The Prison. He hides behind a tree and emerges as Michonne and Hershel come by, knocking Michonne out and prompting Hershel to put down his gun. He now has the two of them hostage and informs his camp that they will only use them as leverage to aid their moving into The Prison that bit easier. Once he manages to convince the group it is for the best he heads into the RV where he is holding Hershel and Michonne.  Hershel, as he does, tries to reason with The Governor, saying that the two groups can live together whilst Michonne tells him that she will kill him.

After The Governor and his group are ready to move out they set up a smaller, safer camp for Lilly, Meghan and a few other members of the group.

Upon returning to The Prison we see Rick and Daryl discuss what should have been done about Carol, Glenn and Maggie talk about their upcoming anniversary and Sasha thanks Bob. Rick and Daryl want to find out how Tyreese will take the news that it was Carol who killed Karen. They find him in the tombs standing next a dissected Rabbit. Tyreese assumes it’s the same person who killed Karen and David, but before he can tell him otherwise, an explosion from above ground rocks the whole prison. Panic ensues and as the survivors make their way outside they see The Governor, his militia and their tank outside the prison fence.

TWD Hershel

The Governor demands that Rick come down and talk to him but Rick replies with the fact that there is a council that makes all the decisions in their group now. The Governor reveals his hostages to Rick and the rest of the group, Maggie and Beth both visibly concerned. As Rick walks down to the fence, Daryl and the rest of them prepare for a fight. Passing out weapons to one and other and making sure that everyone is clear if it all goes wrong they head to the nearby bus to escape. The Governor then gives Rick an ultimatum, be out by sundown or they will kill Michonne and Hershel. As the situation unfolds we hear Rick speaking to all of the militia, telling them it’s not to late for them to join them. They can forget and live together. As Rick continues his speech, the governor mutters “Liar” and swings Michonne’s sword at his neck partially decapitating him. Rick fires his gun and hits The Governor in the arm whilst the rest of the group open fire too. One of the bullets from the militia hits Rick in the thigh and he is forced to drag himself back to cover. During the chaos Michonne manages to roll away and untie herself using a sharp bit of metal.

Hershel is still just alive and begins to try to move out of the way but is caught by The Governor who then fully decapitates him. All whilst the rest of the group look on in horror. Whilst all of this was going on, Lilly, back at the makeshift camp watched over Meghan who was playing in the mud. Meghan managed to free a warning sign from the mud which in turn allowed a walker that was caught in a landslide to escape and bite Meghan. Lilly rushed over, killed the walker, jumped in a vehicle and made her way to The Prison. The Governor order the tank and his troops to head up the hill and kill all in their way. The tank smashed through the fence as the militia followed. Tara, shaken by what she saw The Governor do is unable to fight and at that point Lilly pulled up with Meghan’s lifeless body in her arms, like her sister shocked by what she has seen. The Governor walks over to Lilly, takes Meghan from her and shoots her in the head without a second thought.

TWD Too Far Gone

As the tank fires at the walls of The Prison, Rick attacks The Governor and they engage in a brutal fist fight. Because of the amount of noise caused by all the commotion and gunfire, walkers have also made their way into the prison causing more issues for the survivors. Maggie and Beth begin to load as many people as possible onto the bus ready to leave, Maggie leaves to go and get Glenn and when she returns Beth is nowhere to be seen as she had gone to go get Judith. The fight between Rick and The Governor continues and The Governor get s the upper hand, managing to pin him down and begin to choke him. It’s at that point that the end of Michonne’s katana through The Governors chest, helping Rick up and leaving him to die.

The tank eventually manages to break down the inner gate of the prison causing a gunfight to break out between the remaining survivors and the militia. Daryl fends off the gun fire but is attacked by a walker. He luckily manages to use it as a meat shield and throws a grenade towards the shooters. Tyresse is shot at by the militia, and is forced to dive behind some cover. Luckily for Tyreese though Mika and Lizzie are there to save him as Lizzie points and shoots her gun, killing Alisha and the other shooter. Once Daryl is close enough he pulls the pin on another grenade and throws it down the barrel of the tank causing it to explode. Mitch escapes just in time but is shot in the chest by Daryl’s crossbow.


With The Prison now overrun by walkers the group must escape. The bus has already left with Glenn on it so Maggie leaves with Bob and Sasha. Rick finds Carl who then come across the baby seat of Judith who is not in it. They are both upset, Carl begins to fire all of his rounds into walkers. They then leave The Prison with Carl having to support Rick because of his injuries. Daryl manages to escape with Beth.

We rejoin The Governor dying on the floor and then above him appears Lilly who shoots him in the head, finally killing him.

That brings us halfway through Season 4 of The Walking Dead, and it’s at this point where I stop. Come back again tomorrow where we run through what happened in the second half of The Walking Dead Season 4.

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