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Warrior Battleground from RES Creative Studio’s is a 3D multiplayer fighting game currently looking for backers on Kickstarter. The game is will be developed for PC, MAC, iOS, Android & Ouya and will allow players to create and customise there own characters to take place in Battleground the city of Arnez’s greatest tournament.

Exploring the Grand city of Arnez will give players a chance to take part in quests as well as find out more about the lore of the world. Arnez will also include a blacksmith allowing players to upgrade weapons and armour, an Inn that will allow players change their equipment as well as the Underground Colosseum Tower where Battleground takes place.

Warrior battleground

Gameplay will include single player, online and co-op options catering to all types of players. The battlegrounds themselves will include traps to make battles more challenging while adding bosses to change up the rhythm of battle. The bosses will require players to team up to stand against these unique challenges.

RES Creative Studio is hoping to get a Beta ready for January 2015 with a possible release date of March 2015. They are currently looking for $25,000 by Wed April 30th 2014. Pledge rewards include your name in the credos, DRM free digital copies, Special Armour, Art book’s, Designer T-shirt, help designing weapons, armour, townsfolk and Mini-Boss. One backer has pledged $1,000 and will get a chance to help create the behaviour and appearance of one of the Mini-Bosses.

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Check back soon for more information on Warrior Battleground and RES Creative Studio. Will you be helping out Warrior Battleground? Let us know in the comments.

The games Kickstarter page can be found here.

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