WhatsApp is clearly one of the most popular mobile messaging services available on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Sybian, and Windows Phone. Following the recent acquisition by Facebook the SMS alternative has shown no signs of slowing down. In January this year, the company revealed that their users sent out 50 billion messages in 24 hours, now, that number has grown by 14 billion in just a few months.

The company announced on Twitter in the early hours of this morning that it had hit a new daily record of 64 billion messages both sent and received. To break it down 20 billion messages were sent, and 44 billion messages were received. It looks a little odd, but many users send messages in groups so one message may reach three or four different people.

With the app stores slowly filling up with other apps that offer similar, if not more features than WhatsApp it’s nice to see that the company is still growing despite worries of Facebook merging the service into their own app and scrapping the WhatsApp brand completely.

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