Update:  The video has since been removed by Warner Bros. though I’m sure you’ll be able to find it hosted elsewhere.

Original Story: Are you ready to freeze, A new trailer has been released showing the first 30 minutes of game play from the final piece of DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins, Cold, Cold Heart. Just a quick warning, the video does contain spoilers, if you end up clicking play and the game’s ruined for you, don’t say I didn’t warned you..

Cold, Cold Heart pits Batman against Mr Freeze giving him a chance to break the new XE suit and a collection of new gadgets to take down the ice based foes. Unlike the other DLC that focus on challenge map style levels Cold, Cold Heart open gives players a chance to move around and investigate as well as kick some ass.

There are some glitches in the video but hopefully these will be fixed by the time the DLC is released although Batman: Arkham Origins is a game that has quite famously suffered from a lot of problems in this area. I for one had trouble playing the game the first week it was released with frame rate issues making progress impossible.

Batman, Batman: Arkham Origins is developed by Warner Bros. Montreal and is currently available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Cold, Cold Heart will be available on April 22nd. Is Cold, Cold Heart going to be enough to keep you going till Arkham Knight? Let us know in the comments and check back soon for more Batman news.

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