A new trailer has been released showing of Wildstar’s Warplots. Warplots are 40 versus 40 battle royale. Warparties in the game can create Warplots and take them in to battle with other Warparties.

All sort of features can to warplots including plasma cannons, robots, teleporter’s, rocket launchers, mines, the ability to call in big creatures from the games dungeons and orbital strikes. These features are activated by capturing energy sources from around the map, making it easier to destroy the enemy team.

Wildstar is coming on June 3rd but early access can be gained by pre ordering the game. Are you looking forward to Wildstar or are you still a fan of another MMO? Are you looking forward to getting involved in Warparties and Warplots? Let us know in the comments and check back soon for more Wildstar news.

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