Will.i.am showed off a rather intriguing smartwatch while on a British chat show this weekend, and he claims it isn’t just a one off he’s made for himself, it’ll be a product that will go on sale to the general public.

The music producer, turned talent show judge, is well known for his love of technology and his attempts to stay at the cutting edge of all things modern tech – it now seems that this will be taken to the next level as he moves into the industry for personal business, instead of just for pleasure – as he has financed the production of a smartwatch.

It may come as shocking news to some, certainly some will reject any product that was born this way (as if it is somehow un-clean technology), but it seems that the flashy smartwatch that Will.i.am showed off while on Alan Carr’s chat show will be a product that will join the increasingly crowded smartwatch market.

The device that Will.i.am flashed on the show seemed to have one particular feature that will make it stand out from other smartwatches currently on the market, it doesn’t act as an extension of a smartphone, it actually acts as a smartphone.

He explains to chat show host Carr that “I don’t carry my phone anymore – this is my phone”, which is a bold move considering the number of people that use their phone as a all-in-one entertainment and movie streaming machine these days, a smartwatch sized smartphone may not appeal to many.

Of course it may appeal to those who use their smarthphone for the less resource intensive side of things, social networking, making calls, responding to emails, and to be fair to Will.i.am at least he’s trying to be innovative with his approach – it would have been easy for him to slap his face on a generic Pebble rip-off, and try to shift that to punters for a quick buck.

After the show the global star put out a couple of tweets that confirmed that the watch was a legitimate device, and that it has a prospective release date of around July.

It’s an interesting move from the producer, although with his previous track record of co-editing issues of Wired and being the Director of Creative Innovation for Intel is it really all that surprising?

What do you lot think, will this be something you’ll steer clear of because you are not a fan of Will.i.am, or would you be able to look past that and approach the smartwatch with an open mind? On the other hand if you are a fan of the superstar’s work will him backing the device make it more appealing to you?

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