If you’re yet to play previous episodes of The Wolf Among Us, this review will contain spoilers from said episodes (and some from this one too) which may spoil the game for some people.

Episode 2 recap.

Episode Two of The Wolf Among Us, Smoke and Mirrors continues the slow burn of the first episode. After Snow Whites apparent murder at the end of Episode One, Bigby and Bluebeard set about interrogating the suspect they have.

The mystery deepens when Snow White turns up alive and well, Bigby and Snow continue to the search forthe murder leading Bigby to the scene of the crime. Smoke and Mirror doesn’t move the story along as much as most fan will hope it does, especially after the long wait between episodes one and two.

The gameplay and characters are as great as ever. The games take on the little mermaid is quite disturbing but a great view of how far some fables have fallen after fleeing the homelands. Smoke and Mirror is well worth playing especially with a short wait expected for the rest of the episodes.

“There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile”

The third episode of The Wolf Among Us, A Crooked Mile, picks up right where the second episode, Smoke and Mirrors, left off – naturally. A Crooked Mile behings with Bigby reeling after finding information that points to one of Fable towns top brass being the notorious murderer that he has been hunting all this time, there’s also the added frustration of some one close to him being in danger, [Spoiler] that someone is Snow White.

The reaction Bigby has to Snow White being in danger might seem a bit over the top for players who aren’t familiar with the comics but fits in perfectly with the character many have come to love.[/Spoiler]

The Wolf Among Us crooked mile bigby wolf snow white

The game play  hasn’t changed and is as great as ever although I did struggle with the camera during one of the investigation scenes. The fixed cameras refusal to change position had me pushing against an invisible wall trying to get into a position to reveal one of the interaction areas although as soon as the interaction took place the camera did move allowing me to continue.

The gripe that most players had with Smoke and Mirrors was it’s lack of story progression, something A Crooked Mile definitely doesn’t have a problem with. After a troll funeral that goes as well as most troll funerals do, Bigby and Snow have two hours to track down their suspect and his witch.

The countdown doesn’t effect the game play in anyway, you can take as much time to explore as you want, the feeling of time passing does increase the tension, however. Like past episodes there are big choices to be made throughout, although unlike the other episodes areas are locked and require a second play through to explore, this does add to the replayablity of the game more than just playing as either the good and bad versions of Bigby.

the wolf among us crooked mile screenshot

The game is affected by the choices that players have made in earlier chapters and one very big choice at the end of the episode will definitely effect how other characters view Bigby in the chapters to follow. While the effects aren’t as big as in previous games like The Walking Dead, being more violent can make other characters distance themselves from you or being kind to a little girl can have a witch making jabs at you about it later on make the game feel more personal.

Things are getting interesting on the bad guys front too as this episode introduces two new villains, Bloody Mary and the mysterious Crooked Man. Although Bloody Mary [Spoiler] is only around for the last ten minutes of the game she [/Spoiler] leaves an impression long after finishing the episode. It is good to have a villain that is able to challenge Bigby, one on one, something that doesn’t happen very often.

Things are heating up in Fable town and Episode 4 couldn’t come soon enough. Fans of the comics won’t be as surprised at one of the twists near the end and knowing the future of the characters can ruin some of the fun but the closing moments more than make up for it.

The Wolf Among Us A Crooked Mile is the best chapter thus far that builds well on the previous episodes. The Wolf Among Us is well worth playing for fans of the comics as well as The Walking Dead episodic series by the same developers.

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