I’ve been waiting for this news for months.. years, even. Xiaomi are finally going global and are making plans to release their amazing range of Mi smartphones outside of China. In recent news along with the website rebranding, Xiaomi are also making plans to expand to 10 new markets.

Xiaomi is hard enough to spell, let alone say. So to make things easier for those not familiar with the company, their website has been rebranded from xiaomi.com to just mi.com. Much easier to remember, right? So with the difficult name out of the way it’s probably time they decided to release their Redmi Note, Redmi, Mi3, Mi TY, Mi Box, and the Mi Power Bank elsewhere, right?

Well yes, and no. Xiaomi’s founder Lei Jun revealed during a press conference that they’re going to expand their efforts to 10 more countries this year. Sadly the United States and the United Kingdom didn’t make the cut – yet. Right now you can grab a Mi smartphone from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore, but once Xiaomi’s global efforts begin, you’ll be able to get one in India, Brazil, Russia, Turkey, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines.


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