For anyone a little put off by Dark Souls‘ cryptic and slightly convoluted narrative, having access to illuminating lore videos on YouTube is a must. Bonus points if they reveal the macabre and oppressive atmosphere of Dark Souls 2 to be nothing more than a cheesy action cartoon.

It’s certainly helpful to have some insight into my characters motivation, although personally speaking, I couldn’t find the automatic LMG for the life of me. That said,  I haven’t finished NG+ yet, so maybe it’s hidden up Vendrick’s loincloth.

Dark Souls 2 will be released on PC 25th of April.

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Nick Rueben’s lifelong passion for gaming started with his first ‘job’, aged ten, testing second-hand Sega Megadrive games for his dad’s shop. He’ll always have a soft spot for retro classics, but prefers to get lost in cinematic, narrative-driven experiences. Since getting his Bachelors in literature, he finds himself wearing tight jeans, sipping coffee, and discussing books a lot, but still prefers gaming and watching cartoons in his underwear. He currently lives and works in Cardiff, UK.

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